Energisers | Solar powered

An energiser that works on solar power is the best choice for remote areas. The battery is charged by daylight and converts it into electricity. Discover our range of Gallagher and Hotline solar powered energisers below.
Gallagher S10 Solar Powered Energiser/Charger + Battery (6V)

The Gallagher S10 is the latest solar powered energiser for the hobby market and short fences (3 km singlewire, ideal conditions).

£157.95 £169.00

Gallagher S16 Solar Powered Energiser/Charger + Battery (6V)

The Gallagher S16 is the ultimate mobile fencing device for short fences (4.5 km singlewired, ideal conditions). Comes with 7-years warranty.

£179.55 £189.00

Gallagher S20 Solar Powered Energiser/Charger + Battery (6V)

The Gallagher S20 is the ultimate mobile fencer for short fences up to 2.5 km (singlewiredistance, ideal conditions).


Gallagher S40 Solar Powered Energiser/Charger + Battery (6V)

The Gallagher S40 is the ultimate mobile fencer for short fences up to 15 km (singlewire distance, idealconditions). Register now and receive 7 years of warranty on this product!


Gallagher S100 Solar Powered Energiser/Charger + Battery (12V)

The S100 is the ultimate mobile energizer for short fences up to 30 km (singlewire,ideal conditions).


Gallagher S200 Solar Electric Fence Energiser/Charger

The Gallagher S200 is a portable energizer that works on solar power. With the S200 you can provide power for fencing of up to 20km.


Gallagher S400 Solar Electric Fence Energiser/Charger

Powerful solar panel suitable for fences up to 30 km. Ideal for horses, cattle, deer, sheeps, pigs and goats. Contains a water resistant case, with built in lightning protection.


Gallagher Solar Panel 10W incl. 2A Regulator

Polycrystalline high-performance solar module with optimised low-light and temperature features. More than 20 year service life.


Gallagher Solar Panel 20W incl. 2A Regulator

Gallagher 20W solar panel performs well for the entire pasture season, even with limited sunlight.


Gallagher 20W Solarpanel + Bracket

With this Gallagher solar module set (20W solarpanel + bracket), the Gallagher MBS electric fence energisers can be converted into solar powered energisers.


Gallagher 40W Solarpanel + Bracket

With this solar module set (40W solarpanel+ bracket), the Gallagher MBS400 electric fence energiser can be converted into solar powered energizer.


Gallagher Solar Panel 60W incl. 10A Regulator

Even in bad weather, the Gallagher 60 W solar module provide optimal power consumption. The tempered solar glass with the self-cleaning surface is completed by a protective aluminum frame.


Energisers | Solar powered

Using a solar panel to 'trickle charge' the electric fence battery, so that it never (or rarely) needs to be charged using a mains charger. In addition to a range of solar panels that can be retro-fitted to any 12V electric fence system, the Hotline Fire Drake energiser has been specifically designed as a self-contained solar electric fence energiser to provide you with an easy to use all-in-one electric fence power supply.

Essentially, solar panels can be used to power any size of fence energiser, including mains operated ones (in conjunction with a 240V inverter). The only difference is that you need to use larger panels. Also, many professional energisers, such as the Hotline Phoenix range, have a 12V battery backup option and can, in fact be used exclusively at 12V, making them ideal for solar power.

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