Rat & mouse deterrents

Are you encountering rats in your ceiling or compost? The perfect solution to exterminate rats is the Goodnature A24 rat trap. Goodnature® is established in New Zealand and specialised in lethal traps for animals such as rats.
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£ 150.00
Goodnature® A24 Automatic Rat- And Micetrap With Trap Counter

- Automatic rat trap
- With digital kill counter
- Absolutely non-toxic - good for the environment and humane

£139.00 £159.00

Goodnature® Trap Stand for A24 Automatic Rat- And Micetrap

- Ideal for placing the trap indoors
- Easier to move the rat trap around


Goodnature® A24 Tree Mount Kit for A24 Automatic Rat- And Micetrap

- Easier to move your A24 rat trap between different locations


Goodnature® Blocker for A24 Automatic Rat- And Micetrap

- The A24 trap is designed to target specific pests only
- Extra protection


Goodnature® Replenishment Pack - Rat

- Refill pack for your A24 rat trap
- Contains everything to keep rats under control for a year


Ultrasonic Rodent Deterrent

- Ideal for targeting a specific problem area
- The ultrasonic sound cannot be heard by most humans
- The device willl affect rodents and other mammalian pests, cats & dogs


Goodnature® Lure - ALP Rat

- Make it easier to keep rats and mice under constant control
- It is a set-and-forget system
- Reduces the times you need to check your trap to twice a year


25x Goodnature® Rodent Detector Kit - Accessory

- Rodent detection kit helps you to think like a rat.
- Indicates where to place the trap to have a successful trapper


Goodnature® Lure Chocolate Pouch Rat | 200 gm

- Rat Lure 200gm Pouch
- Attracts rats and mice
- Long-life, toxin-free and tastes & smells like chocolate


Goodnature® Consumable Co2

- The CO2 canister is what powers the A24 trap
- Enables it to automatically reset and kill 24 rats or mice before replacing a new one


Rat & mouse deterrents


Goodnature® products are easy and safe to use. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by developing humane products. It means that our rat traps are animal friendly without any toxins. Our rat trap A24 automatically reset itself 24 times per CO2 canister. It kills pests instantly. The rat trap is easy to set up and designed for the toughest environmental conditions. It can be installed for indoor and outdoor use - in your backyard, garden, farms and orchards.

The product is used as followed:

  • The long life lure attracts pests into the trap.
  • If the pests moves it will trigger the trap which leads to the trap firing.
  • After the pet dropped, the trap will reset itself.
  • The pests will be scavenged by other animals.

Before placing the rat trap, it is important to identify where the rats are settled. An effective solution for this is the rodent cards. If there are rodents near the place that you have placed your detector cards, you will see scratches or bite marks. Also, the Goodnature automatic lure pump makes it easier to keep rodents under constant control. The lure pump is very convenient if you constantly forget to check your trap. With the lure pump you only have to check your rat trap twice a year. After you have installed and activated it, the  lure pump refreshes your lure steadily across six months.

For further information about the Goodnature rat trap visit our blogpost  or  FAQ !





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