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Grey Squirrel Traps

Grey squirrel traps are essential tools for managing squirrel populations and protecting forests and agricultural areas from their destructive behavior. By capturing grey squirrels, these traps help mitigate their impact on native wildlife.
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Goodnature A18 Grey Squirrel Trap Kit Goodnature A18 Grey Squirrel Trap Kit
Goodnature A18 Grey Squirrel Trap Kit
  • Up-to 18 kills without human interference
  • Including back plate to prevent other animals entering the trap
  • Including digital strike counter
  • 100% toxin-free, making it safe for kids, pets and mother nature
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Grey Squirrel Traps: Balancing Effectiveness and Ethical Considerations

Traps serve a practical purpose in controlling squirrel populations, in areas where they cause damage or impose a threat to the native ecosystem. One of the most commonly used squirrel traps is the A18 squirrel trap. 

Goodnature grey squirrel traps

Discover the world's first humane non-toxic squirrel trap. Meeting the standards of STAO and AIHTS humane requirements, the trap is safe for pets, kids and mother nature. When a squirrel gets struck by the A18, predators will scavenge the body. Bringing it full circle into the natural ecosystem. Baiting squirrels is a common practice when using traps. Peanut butter, nuts, and seeds are popular bait choices that effectively lure squirrels into the trap. 

Lethal squirrel traps are designed to exterminate squirrels upon capture. These traps are often seen as more effective in controlling squirrel populations, especially in cases where infestations pose a threat to property or human health. Grey squirrel traps are specifically designed to target the invasive grey squirrel species, which has become a problem in many regions in the UK. These traps aim to curb the spread of grey squirrels, which often outcompete native red squirrels for resources. 

Squirrel traps for sale

Squirrel traps serve as a practical tool in managing squirrel populations, but their use raises ethical concerns regarding animal welfare and ecological impact. By exploring alternatives, such as humane trapping methods and integrated pest management strategies, individuals can mitigate the ethical dilemmas associated with squirrel control while effectively addressing pest issues in their communities.

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