Electric Fencing Kits

These convenient, easy to use electric fencing kits are made up using the highest quality electric fence components from Hotline or Gallagher.
Gallagher Cat Kit for Fence M10 230V

- Ideal for keeping cats in- & out of your garden
- Complete kit for setting up 50 - 500 m
- Safe and highly effective fence system
- Contains the M10 energizer

£121.00 £134.00

Gallagher Poultry Kit B60 (12V)

- Poultry protection against predators
- Complete kit for setting up 50 m of electric netting (112 cm)
- Area size (hectares): 3
- Suitable for outdoor use

£228.95 £269.00

Gallagher Garden Kit 50 cm M35 230V

- Ideal for keeping pets in- & out of your garden
- Complete kit for setting up 33 m (can be expanded)
- Safe and highly effective fence system
- Contains the M35 mains energizer, compact & powerful

£99.00 £109.00

Gallagher Snailfence Tape Extension Kit - 20 m

- Snailfence tape extension kit
- Extension up to 20 m
- Strong plastic tape with integrated wires

Also suitable for keeping out: cats, pigeons and birds from your roof

£58.49 £64.99

Gallagher SmartFence 2.0 - Mobile Fence

- 4 wires
- Maximum fence length: 100 m
- Very quick and easy to assemble, to carry and store away
- Can be connected to any energiser

£219.95 £245.00

Gallagher Heron Kit M10 (230V)

- Prevent herons from eating fish from your pond
- Complete kit for setting up 50 m
- Basic system for fencing around your pond
- Safe and highly effective fence system

£99.00 £109.00

Hotline 30m Water Pump Kit - Without Solar

- Automatically pumping fresh water from your stream or lake
- Pumps up to 320 litres per hour
- Quick and easy to set up

£612.00 £736.00

Hotline 60W Solar Panel and Stand

- Suitable stand for the Hotline solar water pump system
- Mono-crystalline 60 W solar panel with lead
- Adjustable mounting frame


Gallagher Starter Kit M10 | 230V

- Ideal for keeping pets in- & out of your garden
- Suitable for gardens smaller than 20 x 60 m
- Safe and highly effective fence system
- Contains the M10 energizer

£81.00 £89.00

Pet kit - 80 cm | S6 Solar

This complete solar kit for pets is an ideal set to keep pets in your own garden or to keep unwanted animals out. This set works with a solar-powered electric fence (S6). The device can be placed in any desired location in the garden or campsite. The elec


Extension wire Heron kit - black | 100m

- Protects pond against herons
- High-quality electric fencing
- Inconspicuous through the black wire


Marten kit M50 230V

- The ideal electric fence set to keep martens out.
- Attaches to the drainpipe
- Individually extendable


Electric Fencing Kits

The fencing kits can all be extended, or adapted to suit your particular requirements simply by purchasing additional components as required; or you can just use the fence kit component lists within the individual fencing kit descriptions to give you ideas for your own kit design.

Our Horse Fence Starter Kits are an excellent starting point for creating many electric horse fence systems. They are particularly useful if your horse has to be restricted as to the amount of grass it can have, especially in the Spring if it suffers from laminitis. Moving these temporary horse kits around a field will also save the field from being too badly damaged when the the ground is wet.

3-Reel System fence kits are electric fence kits with the fence line material stored on easy to use and move reels. They are particularly versatile and can be used for setting up many types of fence. Designed for both temporary and more permanent installations, great for protecting original fencework, hedges or walls and can be used to very quickly sub-divide field areas to restrict animal movement. "3-reel base systems" are supplied without an energiser system to allow you to choose the most appropriate model for your needs and the animal / s concerned.

The Permanent Fencing Kit section will soon contain a number of electric fence kits designed for various permanent electric fencing uses. They will provide a good base for many electric fencing applications such as prolonging the life of an existing post and rail fence or perhaps even using in place of a post and rail fence.

Although many of our electric fence images depict horses and paddocks, these kits or variations of them would be equally well suited for use in gardens for example: containing pet dogs, protecting vegetable plots from rabbits or keeping predators out of your pond.

The Electrified Netting Kits section covers a multitude of applications with a range of easy to use, high quality electric fence kits.

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