Rabbit deterrents

Rabbits are cute as pets or when they are hopping around across your garden. However, wild rabbits can be less cute as they can cause a lot of damage in your gardens.
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Pest-Free Ultrasonic Animal Deterrent

Pest-Free is a general purpose ultrasonic pest and animal deterrent, designed to repel foxes, cats, dogs, rabbits and martens.

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Pest-Free PLUS - Dual Light and Ultrasonic Deterrent

Pest-Free Plus is an enhanced version of the excellent general purpose ultrasonic pest and animal deterrent; A marriage of two products in one, this is an ultrasonic and visual deterrent that will make the pests feel even more uncomfortable in the guarded

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Rabbit deterrents

You are probably wondering why rabbits are invading your garden. Rabbits can be very deductive if it is about gardens. They eat everything that comes along their path. Your garden is actually an open buffet for them. Due to this, they do not have to go hunting. Wild rabbits are one of the most destructive pest animals. They have a negative costing and damaging impacting on agriculture. Due to that they overgraze and endanger many kinds of plant species.

You can scare rabbits or in a humane way. Our pest free ultrasonic animal deterrent is especially designed to scare rabbits away. The devices use a specific frequency that will annoy the rabbit, which will prevent them from returning. The best part of the rabbit deterrent is that it is very convenient to use. Unlike those deterrents that often need to be reapplied.

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