Pest Control

If you are encountering problems from animals that for example are taking over your garden, we can provide you the right solution.
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Maximum Fence Length (km)
Battery type
Gallagher Starter Kit Pet Fence M10 | 230V

- Ideal for keeping pets in- & out of your garden
- Suitable for gardens smaller than 20 x 60 m
- Safe and highly effective fence system
- Contains the Gallagher M10 energizer


Gallagher Garden Kit 50 cm M35 230V

- Ideal for keeping pets in- & out of your garden
- Complete kit for setting up 33 m (can be expanded)
- Safe and highly effective fence system
- Contains the M35 mains energizer, compact & powerful


Gallagher Cat Kit for Fence M35 230V

- Ideal for keeping cats in- & out of your garden
- Complete kit for setting up 50 - 500 m
- Safe and highly effective fence system
- Contains the M35 energizer


Pest-Controller Ultrasonic Rat & Mouse Deterrent

Pest Controller is a battery-operated ultrasonic rat and mouse deterrent, designed to protect an indoor area of up to 2500 square feet (unobstructed). Ideal for protecting lofts, outbuildings and other "difficult to get mains power" areas.

£18.99 £19.99

Pest Deterrent Mains Adapter Kit

Mains Adaptor Kit for powering Fox-Watch, Cat-Watch and Pest-Free from the mains. Increases the power output of the unit by 30%. Comes with a 10 metre (32 feet) lead.


Pest Deterrent Dual-Unit Connector

Connector Kit allows you to power two Fox-Watch, Cat-Watch or Pest-Free units from one Mains Adaptor.


Pest Deterrent 10m Extension Lead

10 Metre Extension Lead for mains adapted Fox-Watch, Cat-Watch and Pest-Free allows you to increase the distance between the Mains Adaptor and the Foxwatch unit. Up to 3 additional leads can be 'daisy chained' without any loss of power.


Pest-Free Ultrasonic Animal Deterrent

Pest-Free is a general purpose ultrasonic pest and animal deterrent, designed to repel foxes, cats, dogs, rabbits and martens.

£27.05 £29.95

CatWatch Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent

CatWatch is the only ultrasonic cat deterrent to having been fully tested approved by the RSPB.

£49.95 £53.95

Pest-Free PLUS - Dual Light and Ultrasonic Deterrent

Pest-Free Plus is an enhanced version of the excellent general purpose ultrasonic pest and animal deterrent; A marriage of two products in one, this is an ultrasonic and visual deterrent that will make the pests feel even more uncomfortable in the guarded

£37.90 £39.99

FoxWatch Ultrasonic Fox Deterrent

Foxwatch is the most widely used ultrasonic fox deterrent in the World!


Goodnature® A24 Automatic Rat- And Micetrap With Trap Counter

- Automatic rat trap
- With digital kill counter
- Absolutely non-toxic - good for the environment and humane

£135.00 £159.00

Pest Control

Combining a number of different animal / pest deterrent solutions, you can protect yourself from a wide range of unwanted visitors including: foxes, slugs, snails, dogs, cats, birds, herons, rats, mice and many more ... To protect your land against foxes and badgers, you may wish to consider using an electric fencing kit.

Due to the recent news coverage, and the apparent increase in the UK fox population, we have chosen a number of fox deterrents which we believe to be the most effective on the market today, while at the same time offer great value for money.

To keep animals in or out, electric fencing kits are the best solutions. We have a broad assortment electric fence kits for horses, dogs, cats and also protection for your garden or pond. With the help of the electric fence kits you can protect your property in a humane way. The fence kits provides everything you need for effective pest deterrents to protect your property in a humane way. Electric fence kits are not dangerous for pets. The electric fence uses short pulse voltage that conducts along an animal its skin instead of through the body. This provokes a fright response and results them to avoid the electric fence. Every kit consists of the following; an electric fence, mounting material and a manual. Due to this it is very easy to set it up.

Visit our blog for more information about effective protection for your pets, garden and home!

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