Dog deterrents

Dog deterrents are created to keep your own dog in and stray dogs out of your garden. The electric fence kit is the ideal solution, as it is safe and easy to use. It is also a humane way to keep stray dogs out of your garden.
£ 0.00
£ 150.00
Maximum Fence Length (km)
Battery type
Gallagher Garden Kit 50 cm M35 230V

- Ideal for keeping pets in- & out of your garden
- Complete kit for setting up 33 m (can be expanded)
- Safe and highly effective fence system
- Contains the M35 mains energizer, compact & powerful


Pest-Free Ultrasonic Animal Deterrent

Pest-Free is a general purpose ultrasonic pest and animal deterrent, designed to repel foxes, cats, dogs, rabbits and martens.

£27.05 £29.95

Pest-Free PLUS - Dual Light and Ultrasonic Deterrent

Pest-Free Plus is an enhanced version of the excellent general purpose ultrasonic pest and animal deterrent; A marriage of two products in one, this is an ultrasonic and visual deterrent that will make the pests feel even more uncomfortable in the guarded

£37.90 £39.99

Gallagher Starter Kit Pet Fence M10 | 230V

- Ideal for keeping pets in- & out of your garden
- Suitable for gardens smaller than 20 x 60 m
- Safe and highly effective fence system
- Contains the Gallagher M10 energizer


Dog deterrents

Is your dog causing trouble? You might think that a dog deterrent or barrier is not needed. However, destructive behavior in puppies outdoors is very common. Still, you do not want your dog to dig in your flower beds or rooting in your vegetable patch. Another situation that can occur is stray dogs wandering in your garden. This can be annoying but also dangerous, especially if you have your own dogs, there are a few measures that you can take. It is important that you do not leave your pets food or food scraps outside, stray dogs will be attracted to that. Another measurement is to keep trash tightly bagged, so that it prevents the dogs from entering your property. To further encourage strays to stay out of your garden, plant marigolds. Dogs do not like the smell of marigolds.

One of the most effective solutions is to set up a security system to scare them away. The M10 starter kit is suitable for smaller dog breeds and short distances. The kit includes all the basic parts to fence your garden . You can easy expand the starter kits with, for example posts and an electric fence. However, for larger dog breeds and gardens with a larger surface the M35 kit will be more suitable. The kit contains everything that you need and is available in two sizes: 50 cm and 80 cm. The device is not harmful for you or any dogs. It provides a short, gentle pulse, which prompts a fright response but does not harm the dog. The dog then will quickly be aware of the system and learns to avoid it.

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