Discover our Electric Fencing sollutions

Electric fencing is a special form of pasture fence. The fence system is placed under electrical voltage to discourage animals from breaking through. Electric fencing makes use of special designed insulators, conductors and energisers to safely electrify your fence.

When a person or animal comes into contact with the fence, they will feel a safe shock. This shock has a deterrent effect on the animals, this ensures the animal will avoid the fence in the near future and no attemps to break out will follow.

Electric Fence Energiser / Fencer

The heart of the electric fence is the energiser, also known as fencer. There are different energiser which you could use for your fencing project. Think of devices powered by a battery, powered by a socket or solar energisers.

Electric Fence Battery Energiser (12 Volt)

A fence energiser is ideal for electric fences on remote locations or when you would like to set up mobile fenicng. The 12 Volt energisers are powered by a battery which can be stored either in the device or next to it. These cordless fencers will keep you flexible in the location of your electric fence.

Solar Energisers

In our shop you will find a large selection solar energisers that prove themselves in quality, performance, function and durability. For every situation, we have a solar energiser listed. It does not matter whether your electric fence is placed in high vegetation or you would like to set-up a long fence, we have got you covered.

Electric Fencing Kits

Wit our complete fencing kits you get all the parts you need for your electric fence. Every kit consists out of carefully choosen fencing products. Giving you the certainty of a high quality fence with matching products from renowned manufacturers.

Mobile Electric Fencing

Our mobile fencing sollutions are particularly helpfull for people who would like to move their animals often. Especially when moving your fence around, it is important to have high quality lightweight fencing material. Electric Fence Online offers the right products for your mobile fence, regardless the animal.

Electric Fence Posts

To ensure optimal stability of your fence it is important to select the right fence posts. Next to this, you will have to mount the insulator on the post. depending on your fence preferences you can choose plastic, wooden, fiberglass or metal fence posts. Discover our different solutions to determine the right post for you.

Electric Fence Wire

You choose wire for your electric fence when you are looking for light weight but highly conductive conductors. This conductor material consists of a narrow mesh of conductive wires and non-conductive plastic threads. This composition makes wire powerfull and hard wearing.

Electric Fence Tape

Tape is most often used in fencing for horses. Their characteristics make it a very save and visible solution for horse fencing. Tape can be used for permanent as well as mobile fencing. To be sure about the best conductive tape, check the resistance of the material used.

Electric Fencing Rope

Rope is probably the most frequently used conductor. Rope is also known as cord and can be used for a wide variety of animals, large and small. Examples of animals for which rope can be used are cattle and horses.

Electric Fence Insulators

For every conductor, we offer a suitable insulator. Insulators are highly important when creating an electric fence. The insulator makes sure to that the power of the fence does not leak via the posts as they made of very low conductive material. Discover insulators from wire to tape insulators.

Setting up your electric fence

With our fencing tools you will be able to put up your fence in no time at all. Discover our wide range of accessories like post rammers, wire cutters and spinning jenny's for your permanent sollutions.

Would you like to have a fence with the features of a permanent fence, but is still replaceable? Choose the line post of Gallagher for your electric fence. This post is stable as a wooden post, but easily replaced due to the unique features of the post.

Ground Cables For Your Electric Fence

Use our reliable ground cable in order to connect your fence to the earth rods or connect it to the energiser. Our ground cable is used to let el;ectricity flow unhindered from one point to antorher. Therefor ground cables are often used when a fence is installed to keep the circuit closed and there is power on the fence even if the fence is opened.

Batteries For Energisers

When you own a battery energiser it is important to replace the battery in time. A fencer with an empty battery will nnot power your fence, risking the animals to break through. Make sure to check the battery often and check the power on the electric fence to ensure a fulle operational fence. When you need your battery replaced, Electric Fence Online offers a wide range of 12- and 9v batteries.

Reels For Electric Fences

A reel is designed to easily roll up and down conductors. Reels are especially convenient for setting up mobile fencing, long fences and on rough terrain. We offer normal reels and geared reels, with which you have to turn the handle less often.

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