Electic Fencing

Electic Fencing
Our electric fencing section covers a wide range of different fence applications. Our Useful Guides (see bottom left) include all the advice you might need to help you choose the best electric fencing system.
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Gallagher M5000i Electric Fence Energizer (230V/19J)

The Gallagher M5000i energiser is the latest and most powerful (freely available) Gallagher I Series Energiser. The capacity of this intelligent powerhouse is enough for fences with a length of up to 100 km!


Gallagher Fault Finder

The Gallagher Fault Finder pinpoints faults quickly and easily whatever the wire type or energiser is used.


Gallagher Screw-in Insulator Super in bucket (175 pcs.)

The Gallagher quality ring insulator for wooden posts. Made of very stable and UV-protected plastic. With short support (the insulator has no iron core) to prevent short circuits when wear occurs. Especially suitable for pasture fencing wire and rope / co


Gallagher Geared Reel Large 1200m

Gallagher Geared Reel with heavy duty gearbox for easy and fast winding of conductor material (2.7. 1). Including Insul-grip holder (supplied).


Gallagher Compression Gate Handle (black, with N-hook, 10 pcs.)

The Gallagher compression gate handles are ideal for use in high pressure situations as the compression spring has extra strength and will not overstretch under tension.


Gallagher Orange Pigtail Post 1,00m (10 pcs.)

The Gallagher Pigtail post is a plastic-coated white, very stable spring steel pole with an orange eye insulator.


Gallagher S16 Solar Powered Energizer incl. Battery 6V/0,16J

The Gallagher S16 is the ultimate mobile fencing device for short fences (4.5 km
singlewired, ideal conditions).


Gallagher S40 Solar Powered Energizer incl. Battery - 6V/0,4J

The Gallagher S40 is the ultimate mobile fencer for short fences up to 15 km (singlewire distance, idealconditions). The energizer comes with a rechargeable battery and solar panel. The S40 is quick andeasy to install and convenient to transport. This rug


Gallagher B20 9V/12V Battery Fence Energizer

The low-priced battery-powered energizer B20 is for beginners and hobby farmers, suitable for short fences
of up to 2 km without vegetation (1,5 km with light growth) and very easy to use.


Gallagher Screw-in Insulator Promopack (100 pcs.)

Ring insulator with continuous support for wooden posts. Made of black high quality plastic. Suitable for wire and cord.


Gripple Tensioning Tool

The Gripple Tensioning Tool is for use with all Gripple wire joiner / tensioners.

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Gallagher Tumble Wheel (5 pcs.)

One person can move a whole fence within a matter of minutes using the tumble wheels. The strip grazing system reduces the grazing cycles and increases the yield. Maximum fence height: 0.78m.



Electric fencing has been used in agriculture and wildlife management since the 1930s.

Whilst many of the basic components would still be recognised by those early users, the continuing development of energiser technology and new fence materials has resulted in electric fence solutions for a rising number of agricultural and domestic applications. Nowadays, electric fencing is not only used by farmers and landowners to protect crops and livestock, or to create paddocks and strip grazing, but also by a growing number of non-agricultural users.

Throughout the world, people are increasingly using electric fencing systems to protect their gardens, ponds and vegetable plots, or to contain pets and keep wild animals away from expensive bowling greens and golf club greens.

Whether you’re trying to keep animals in, or pests out, an electric fencing system might just be the answer.