Electric fence testers

This selection of testers are specifically designed for use with electric fencing.
Hotline Electric Fence Tester Pocket P70 6 ´O´ Lite

The P70 Six-O-Lite pocket electric fence tester not only shows if there is power on the line but also the strength/voltage.

£17.30 £16.80

Gallagher Electric Fence Keyring Beeper

A very handy and simple tester which can be attached to a key ring. Hold it close to an electric fence and it will give a loud beep if the fence is active.


Gallagher Neontester

A convenient tool for checking whether there is sufficient voltage at the electric fence. Not suitable for checking earth systems.


Gallagher Fence Voltmeter

Supplies exact information on the condition of your fence. Makes targeted trouble shooting very easy and efficient. Helpful tool for checking earthing system.


Gallagher Fault Finder Voltage and Current Meter

The Gallagher Fault Finder pinpoints faults quickly and easily whatever the wire type or energiser is used.


Gallaher Live Fence Indicator

The Live fence indicator is fitted to the fence and flashes with each pulse of the energizer so you can see whether the fencing is still working correctly.


Gallagher I-Series Remote Controller

The Gallagher i Series Remote Control accurately measures fence voltages and current and finds the exact location of a fence fault quickly and easily.


Hotline Deluxe Electric Fence Tester and Fault Finder

Deluxe Electric Fence Tester and Fault Finder.

£149.95 £158.70

Hotline Pocket Electric Fence Tester

Pocket Electric Fence Tester

£8.44 £9.54

Hotline Electric Fence Tester with Digital Volt Meter

An ideal electric fence tester with digital volt meter is an easy to use, self earthing, digital fence tester for testing all kinds of electric fencing with voltages of up to 9,900 volts (9.9kv).

£45.10 £47.70

LED Fence Tester

KV10 LED Fence Tester

£23.30 £24.60

Pulsara Digital Fence And Battery Tester

Pulsara Digital fence tester and Battery tester in one.


Electric fence testers
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