Fox deterrents

Foxes are omnivores, they will hunt, climb and dig under fences to reach their aim. To keep foxes out and your animals safe, the most efficient solution would be electric fencing, in combination with fox lights.
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FoxWatch Ultrasonic Fox Deterrent

Foxwatch is the most widely used ultrasonic fox deterrent in the World!



The Foxlights is the best way to protect your endangered animals from nocturnal predator attacks such as foxes, wolves or wild boars!


Battery for Foxlights - 6 Volt

Battery for the Foxlights (061761).


Pest Deterrent Mains Adapter Kit

Mains Adaptor Kit for powering Fox-Watch, Cat-Watch and Pest-Free from the mains. Increases the power output of the unit by 30%. Comes with a 10 metre (32 feet) lead.


Fox deterrents

What is a good fox deterrent?

When a fox is hungry there are not many ways to stop it from climbing, digging, and entering your property. They are super determined animals and will try almost anything to get some scraps of food. Therefore, you need something to scare them off.

There are several types of fox deterrents that scare foxes away:
If you want to protect any area from foxes, then the illuminated fox deterrent is a great fit. Fox lights can be set up around a large outdoor field - or positioned right next to a chicken coop. It will scare off foxes immediately through a movement sensor. The fox lights are functioning on battery, so a mains connection is not needed. Due to this it is ideal for positioning it in a distant field. Activated automatically at dusk, it will trick any attacking predator into thinking that there is a human movement nearby. However, if a fox realizes the lights are just lights and there is no one around, they will learn to ignore them. It does not offer a physical barrier against fox attacks.

This also applies for the  ultrasonic fox deterrents . They can be placed anywhere - on existing fence posts, on trees, or at the side of animal shelters. They can be configured to emit a sound that only affects foxes too - so any other wildlife won't be disturbed.




For further information on how to keep foxes out visit our blogpost !

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