Electric fence Batteries & Mains Chargers

Our range of electric fence batteries are designed to provide optimum performance for their associated products.
Electric Fence Battery 47L110 12V

- Not designed to be constantly charged and discharged
- 12 V battery
- Capacity: 105 Ah
- L x B x H: 330 x 172 x 242 mm
- 3 year warranty

£135.00 £173.22

Premium 6/12V battery charger PRO 4.0 Li 4A

- A multi-purpose battery charger that can be used for both 6 and 12 Volt batteries.
- Suitable for all types of batteries, batteries up to 95Ah can be charged and batteries up to 140Ah maintenance charged.


Gallagher Powerpack Battery Alkaline 9V/55Ah

- Powerpack battery
- Alkaline 9 V battery
- Capacity: 55 Ah
- L x B x H: 160 x 110 x 115 mm


Gallagher 12V Battery Connection Lead For 9V/12V Energisers

- Suitable for the Gallagher energisers: B40, B50, B100, B200 B300, S220, S230
- Connect an energiser to a 12V battery


Gallagher LA Energiser Battery 12V/65Ah

- LA-Battery 12V/65Ah
- Long lifetime
- Low self-discharge
- Integrated carrying handle


Gallagher Battery 6V/4Ah for S10/S16/S20

- Suitable for the solar energisers: S10, S16 & S20
- Alkaline 6 V battery
- Capacity: 4 Ah


Hotline Replacement Battery for HLS Firedrake Energisers

- Replacement Battery for HLS Firedrake Energisers
- 12 V battery
- Capacity: 12 Ah


Hotline P44 Energiser Battery (6.0V 40amp/hr)

- Suitable for: P1 Kestrel & P150 Harrier double PP8 fence energisers
- Designed to provide optimum performance
- Saline battery: 6.0 V - 40 amp/hr
- Battery life up to 15-weeks


Hotline 6v 50amp/hr air alkaline for (HLB25, HLB50, Raptor)

- Suitable for the new Raptor energisers: HLB25 & HLB50
- 6 V dry alkaline battery
- High capacity PJ-966


Hotline P32-90 Saline Energiser Battery (8.4V 90amp/hr)

- Suitable for the energisers: P200 Hawk & P300 Super Hawk
- Does not contain mercury or cadmium compounds
- Designed to provide optimum performance
- Saline battery: 9 V - 90 amp/hr
- Battery life up to 19-weeks


Gallagher Powerpack Alkaline Battery 9V/120Ah

- Powerpack battery
- Alkaline 9 V battery
- Capacity: 120 Ah
- L x B x H: 160 x 110 x 115 mm


120ah Leisure Battery ELB120

- Designed to cope with the demands of electric fence energisers
- 12 V battery
- Capacity: 120 Ah
- L x B x H: 345 x 175 x 238 mm
- 2 year warranty


Electric fence Batteries & Mains Chargers

Electric fence batteries 9 and 12 volt plus accessories 

Electric fence energisers are the driving force of any electric fence. They are often powered by electric fence batteries , 9 volts or 12 volts.

The advantages are obvious: with a battery powered electric fence, you are completely independent of a fixed power source (230V). You can set up and operate your electric fence practically anywhere. No complex cable laying required!

With our electric fence batteries, you can supply the electric fence with energy everywhere and literally energize your electric fence. The batteries are characterized by a constantly high voltage curve and a long service life.

Our fence batteries are the heart of a mobile or remote electric fence system. They guarantee the highest level of safety for your herd while requiring only minimal human effort for maintenance and servicing. Reduce the time and effort spent on fencing your pasture or paddock and keep your animals safely on their assigned property.

Which battery do I need?

To determine what battery is best for you, it is important to know the specifications of your energiser. Do you have a 12v energiser or 9v energiser?

The energisers on Electric Fence Online all describe what batteries are suitable for the energiser. Either 9v batteries or 12v rechargeable batteries. In some cases the enrgiser is supports both 12v- and 9v batteries.

Do you have any questions about the battery for your device? Please reach out to our customer service through either phone or e-mail.

The Ah of the battery shows the capacity of the battery. The higher the Ah of a battery, the longer it will take to drain it. To calculate the time before your battery will become empty, one needs the mA of the energiser.

If you would like to operate your electric fence system more independently, you could choose to connect a solar panel to your energiser. This way, the battery charges itself in sunshine and daylight as if by itself. This means even less maintenance and inspection.

Be aware that combining your electric fence battery to a solar panel is only possible with 12v batteries. The advantage of using a12v battery is that it can be recharged over and over again. One can recharge the battery either using a battery charger or connect it to one of our solar panels.

When using 9v batteries, one should carefully dispose of the battery every time the battery has given up its power. 9v batteries are therefor only intended for one-time use.

Here we recommend you a battery energiser which can be operated with a 12 volt battery. This protects the environment and at the same time makes the use even more flexible. Another option could be one of the solar energisers, which have a battery included and are designed for constant recharging.

We are frequently asked by users of 12v energisers why a deep cycle or leisure battery is needed. A simple car bettery could do the job as well right? Eventhough a car battery is also 12 volts, it is not designed to be deeply discharged.

A car battery may well be sufficient to keep your fence running for a day or two. This allows you to recharge your leisure battery. However, we cannot recommend the use of car batteries with electric fencing for anything more than this.

How long will my battery last?

The formula to calculate the battery life is:

Battery life in hours = Battery capacity (mAh) / Current draw (mAh)

As our batteries are described with Ah, it is important to know: 1 Ah = 1.000 ah.

This formula could be quite abstract, so below you can find an example calculation. The example calculation combines the Gallagher 9V Powerpack Battery with a Gallagher BA20:

Battery life in hours =

175.000 mAh (Battery capacity) / 24 mAh (Current draw) = 7.292 hours (303 days)

Shorting-out on the electric fence line through vegetation touching the fence will not affect the life of the battery. Vegetation touching the line is only affecting the voltage running through the fence.


Electric fence batteries are available from many different brands. At electric fence online we offer several strong brands like Gallagher, Hotline and Pulsara. These brands guarantee you high reliability and quality at favourable prices.

When selecting your electric fence battery, it is not necessary to match the brand with the energiser you have. However, most manufacturers test their devices with batteries of their own brand. So the promises the manufacturer makes on the performance is based on using batteries of their own brand. 

What Electric Fence Online offers you

When searching for a electric fence battery, it could be a challenge finding the right one. Our experts at customer support are here to assist you. Just reach out wityh every question or remark you might have.

Electric fence batteries are only a small part of the comprehensive range of electric fencing products. In our store, you will find fencing equipment, stakes and posts, conductors and many accessories from well-known manufacturers. In addition, we also offer practical complete solutions for a wide range of requirements.

Here you can find our electric fence equipment for battery energisers 9 volt and 12 volt. Next to this the mains adapters can be find in this category.

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