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Electric fence insulators are essential for wooden or metal fence posts. For your electric fence to be effective, the conductor must not touch the posts, this is where you need electric fencing insulators. We offer a wide range to suit your post type, fen
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100x Gallagher TurboStar Horse Insulator

The Gallagher TurboStar horse insulator has a sleek and simple design and is used to fasten tape, up to 40 mm, to posts in permanent fences.


Gallagher XDI Screw-in Insulator

Gallagher robust ring insulator for fitting wire/cord to wooden posts. Available in packs of 25, 75, 120 and 250.


Strainrite Insulated Clip Strainer (20 pcs)

Strainrite's Hi-Strain Insulated Clip Strainer is a high quality, insulated, all in one wire tensioner for electric fence wire. Includes 20 pieces.


Hotline Adjustable Insulator (black) Pack of 20

The P9 adjustable insulator is suitable for 10mm and 12mm metal fence posts such as our P3 Plain Metal Fence Post.


Gallagher Screw-in Insulator Small - Black

Gallagher solid high quality screw-in insulator without metal core, therefore no short circuiting possible. Available in packs of 25, 100 and 250.


Gallagher XDI Offset Screw-in Insulator 10 cm

Much stronger than the familiar spacer screw insulator by using a new technology and more durable because of the metal core. It reduces the chance of short-circuiting to nil.


Gallagher XDI Bolt-on Insulator

Gallagher High quality Bolt-on insulator with metal core.


Gallagher Strain Insulator - Black

Suitable for short strains and semi-permanent short fences.


Hotline Tube Insulator 100 pcs. 10cm Length

Tube Insulators suitable for all wire up to 3mm diameter. Designed for use on permanent electric fences these tube insulators are perfect for wooden posts, particularly where encroaching vegetation may be an issue.


20x Gallagher Offset Screw-in Insulator 10 cm

The solid high quality Gallagher offset screw-in insulator (10 cm) is for wooden posts and has no metal core. Suitable for (poly) wire and cord.


Hotline Paddock Essentials 200mm Stand Off Insulators

Paddock Essentials - Stand Off Insulators.


Gallagher XDI Offset Screw-in Insulator 18 cm

Innovative Gallagher design. Much stronger than the standard offset screw- in insulator thanks to a new technique, and more durable thanks to its metal core.


Shop all types of Electric Fence Insulators

What to consider when buying electric fence insulators

At Electric Fence Online, we are proud to supply our customers with a wide range of electric fencing insulators - from electric fence wire insulators to electric fence insulators for pipes and more! Choosing the right insulators will be key to maximize the efficiency of your electric fencing system and meet the requirements of your grazing fields.

Changes of direction and the end of your fence create a need for specific insulators which provide better tension along the fence line. Here you would require end of fence line and corner insulators. However, if you need to keep stock away from fencing, or keep extra distance from hedges, electric fence offset brackets are a great solution. They are also great for keeping animals apart.

Unsure of the right insulators for your system? Speak to our experts today through our Help Center.





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