Reels & Wire Jennys

Our range of reels and wire jennys takes much of the effort out of moving a temporary electric fence. Looking after your portable fence by using reels also prolongs its lifetime.
Gallagher Geared Reel - 500 m

The Gallagher geared reel (500 m) is equipped with an accelerator mechanism, so the drum rotates three times faster compared to a standard reel for fast spooling.


Gallagher Geared Reel Large - 1200 m

Gallagher Geared Reel with heavy duty gearbox for easy and fast winding of conductor material (2.7. 1). Including Insul-grip holder (supplied).


Gallagher Medium Reel - 500 m

This robust reel has a particularly large inside diameter for fast winding and unwinding. Suitable for a maximum of 500 meters Vidoflex, 300 meters broadband or 200 meters cord.


Gallagher Econo Reel - 500 m

The Gallagher Econo Reel 500 m is a sturdy reel for winding and unwinding a conductor. Suitable for a maximum of 500 meters Vidoflex, 200 meters broadband or 150 meters corduroy.


Gallagher Reel - 400 m

The Gallagher reel is a convenient plastic reel with ratchet for 400 metres of polywire. The drum is detachable.


Gallagher Reel - 200 m

The low cost, lightweight Gallagher reel has a blocking catch and ratchet. The reel is ideal for shorter, less frequently moved portable fences using to 200 meters of plastic wire. 


Gallagher Multi Reel Connector Set

Insulated lead for connecting power to multi reel system. UV resistant insulated plastic clips. Stainless steel jaws for long life.


Gallagher Triple Geared Reel Stand + Vidoflex Polywire

The Gallagher Triple Geared Reel Stand incl. Vidoflex Polywire is particularly suitable for temporary fencing or strip grazing. Three reels with translation mechanism and 400 m TurboLine Cord are attached to this reel corner post.


Gallagher SmartFence 2.0 - Mobile Fence

- 4 wires
- Maximum fence length: 100 m
- Very quick and easy to assemble, to carry and store away
- Can be connected to any energiser


Gallagher Wire Dispenser for Fencing Wire

Ideal for running out or winding up all types of wire. Fully galvanized for long life. Easy to use.


Gallagher Reel/Termination Post for 3 Reels/3 Insulators

Reel/Termination post for portable fences. Holds up to three grazing reels or insulators. Galvanized steel Tread-in foot peg. C/W support bracket for additional structural support.


Gallagher Reel/Termination Post Support Bracket

Use this support bracket with a reel corner post, for extra post stability.


Reels & Wire Jennys

The simple act of initially spooling the tape , wire or rope onto a reel will extend its life. If you have 200m of tape and only need to use 100m, just leave the excess spooled on the reel; attach the reel to a PR2 Reel Fixing Fence Post and you then have a good anchor for your electric fence plus the satisfaction of knowing the material is well protected and will last as long as possible.

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