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Gallagher Solar Powerstation MBS1800i Complete Bundle

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Product description

Gallagher solar station MBS1800i including energiser device - set up, connect and you're done!

The electric fence energiser MBS1800i is mounted in theft-proof housing, which is also energized as soon as the door is closed. This makes the theft of your energiser and accessories almost impossible. This set also contains 2 gel batteries that are connected to a 325-watt solar module mounted on the housing. The i-series control display is also installed in the box.

This complete set contains:

  • 1x MBS1800i fence energiser
  • Electrified box
  • 1x controller display
  • 1x solar inverter MPPT 100/30
  • 1x solar module 325 watts
  • 1x Victron battery Protect BP-65
  • 2x Panasonic Battery 12V / 120 Ah
  • 2x Bentonite super earthing set
  • 5x earth rod 1 m
  • 2x ground connector
  • 3x ground clamp
  • 1x grounding cable 2.5 mm / 30 m
  • 1x plastic pallet (insulating) 1200 x 1200 mm
  • Electric fence energiser / dual device MBS1800i Multi Power (12V / 230V)


The flexibility of a multi-power device combined with the strength and intelligence of the i-series. This device is suitable for operation with a rechargeable battery or for connection to the mains voltage. The MBS1800i is an extremely powerful fence energiser that is suitable for multi-wire fences of up to 65 km in length. Unique to the i-series is the external display, which you can attach to any desired location, up to 50 m (*3 m wire) away from the fence energiser.

After, you can read the status of your energiser and operate your device at a distance. In the event of a power failure, for example, due to a branch falling on the fence or vandalism, you will be alerted immediately. The exact point of the error will be displayed immediately.

The MBS1800i is equipped with adaptive control technology. Conventional energisers have constant charging energy. The MBS1800i, on the other hand, increases the output the more the energiser is loaded by short circuits. Even with an extreme load of 60 ohms, your energiser remains 100% reliable.

Switch the energiser off directly on site using the remote control, so you can quickly rectify the fault, then switch the energiser back on with the remote control. This reduces the risk of your animals breaking out!

The Gallagher MBS1800i can be combined with various accessories from the i-series, such as a remote control or an alarm system from the i-series, a warning light and a fence monitor (s), an SMS module or a WiFi gateway. In combination with the optionally available WiFi gateway (G567006) you will immediately receive a warning message on your mobile phone/smartphone in the event of a power failure.


Details about the MBS1800i Multi-Power energiser:

  • Switching the  energiser on and off using the remote control (optional)
  • Complete control over your fence when using (max 6) fence monitor (s) (optional)
  • Suitable for long, multi-wire fences
  • Adaptive control
  • Connection option for external alarm: Yes (optional)
  • Battery backup in the event of a power failure: Yes (optional)
  • Remote control: Optional
  • SMS-enabled: Yes (optional)
  • Safety in the event of a short circuit (in the fence)
  • Active performance adjustment
  • Pulse time delay
  • Control lamp on / off
  • External display
  • Digital display fence voltage
  • Digital display of earth voltage
  • Warning lamp
  • LED bar graph
  • Area size (hectare / are): 75/190
  • Power consumption adapter (V / mA): 15/660
  • Power consumption battery (V / mA): 12/550
  • Now with a 7-year Gallagher guarantee! 

Gallagher quality

To ensure you get a quality product when you buy the M5000i power fence, Gallagher has a unique testing procedure.

Firstly, Gallagher puts its energisers through some extreme tests during their development. All energisers are dropped from a height of 1 metre. Each side of the energiser falls onto a hard concrete surface. The requirement of this test is that the device still functions and is protected by its housing.

Secondly, the model is subjected to a temperature stress test. The power supply unit should still function at -80 °C and +180 °C.

If the model passes these tests, it is ready for production.

To ensure that your new model delivers what it promises, it is tested for 24 hours before shipping. This ensures that it functions properly.

Reference grounding - only the i-series offers:

The energisers of the i-series offer numerous advantages. It allows you to view the performance of your fence. In order to be able to read off the performance of your grounding, a reference grounding is required, which you can set up as follows:

a) Install a single galvanized earth post (min. 60 cm long at least 10 m from the fence energiser and at least 10 m from power cords, telephone cables, water pipes or the building earth.

b) Connect the reference ground post to the black clamp on the fence energiser using an underground cable.

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