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Gallagher M5000i Electric Fence Energizer (230V/19J)

The Gallagher M5000i energiser is the latest and most powerful (freely available) Gallagher I Series Energiser. The capacity of this intelligent powerhouse is enough for fences with a length of up to 100 km!


Gallagher Fault Finder

The Gallagher Fault Finder pinpoints faults quickly and easily whatever the wire type or energiser is used.


Gallagher SmartFence V2 - 10 posts, 4 wires and reels in one system (100m)

All in one, four wire, 100m, fully portable instant fence system.
Very quick and easy to assemble and easy to carry and store away
Can be connected to any energizer for instant electric fence protection


Gallagher B200 Electric Fence Energizer including 6W solar assist

The Gallagher B200 is a battery energizer, suitable for fences up to 20 km. Easy plug and play 6W solar assist, extends battery charge interval from 20 to 125 days during summer period.


Gallagher Poultry Kit B60

The Gallagher Poultry Kit is a complete kit for setting up 50 metres of electric netting 44” (112cm) to keep your poultry in and protect them against predators.


Gallagher Spring steel post 1,00m

The Gallagher Spring steel post is an oval spring steel post with solid plastic insulator on the top.


Gallagher Screw-in Insulator Super in bucket (175 pcs.)

The Gallagher quality ring insulator for wooden posts. Made of very stable and UV-protected plastic. With short support (the insulator has no iron core) to prevent short circuits when wear occurs. Especially suitable for pasture fencing wire and rope / co


Gallagher Line Post Lifter Adapter

Line Post Post lifter adapter to easily pull out the Gallagher Line Post. Handy tool designed specifically for the Gallagher Line Post.


Gallagher Geared Reel Large 1200m

Gallagher Geared Reel with heavy duty gearbox for easy and fast winding of conductor material (2.7. 1). Including Insul-grip holder (supplied).


Gallagher Insulated Line Post Dropper 0,95m (10 pcs.)

The Gallagher Line Post Dropper is a floating post that keeps the fencing between two posts at the right height and properly tensioned.


Gallagher B300 Electric Fence Energizer

The Gallagher B300 is a battery energizer, suitable for fences up to 30 km.


Gallagher M1400 Electric Fence Energizer

The Gallagher M1400 from the special edition range is a sturdy mains energizer suitable for fencing of up to 55km.