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Hotline HLB500 FALCON Battery Electric Fence Energiser 1.4J

The 12V Hotline HLB500 (was P500) Falcon battery powered electric fence energiser is a high power fencer for multi-purpose use. The Falcon energiser is suitable for all farm uses where mains power is unavailable. It is ideal for sheep, (up to 15 electrifi

£133.64 £206.34

Gallagher B20 9V/12V Battery Fence Energizer

The low-priced battery-powered energizer B20 is for beginners and hobby farmers, suitable for short fences
of up to 2 km without vegetation (1,5 km with light growth) and very easy to use.

£89.00 £129.00

Gallagher B60 12V Battery Energiser

The Gallagher B60 is an entry level 12V battery powered energiser capable of powering up to 8 km or 3 hectare of Multi-wire fence.


Gallagher B35 9V/12V Battery Fence Energizer

The Gallagher B35 battery energizer is suitable for fences up to 5 km (singlewired, without vegetation). The energizer is very easy to use. It operates on a 9V disposable battery or a 12V rechargeable battery. The device warns you when the battery is almo

£119.00 £189.00

Hotline HLB525 BUZZARD Battery Electric Fence Energiser 2.24J

The 12V Hotline HLB525 (was P525) Buzzard energiser is a high power fencer for all uses, including 3 reel and netting electric fences. The Buzzard electric fence energiser is recommended for use on long boundary fencing applications where it is not possib

£183.32 £247.80

Hotline HLB150 HARRIER Battery Electric Fence Energiser (6/9/12V) 0.08J

The Hotline HLB150 (was P150) Harrier battery powered electric fence energiser (fencer) is a portable battery energiser with two output levels. It is ideal for day to day farm use, strip grazing and paddock fencing for horses.

£137.94 £181.08

Hotline Shrike - D-Cell Battery Energiser

Hotline Shrike HLB100 D-Cell Battery Energiser.


Hotline HLB25 MERLIN Battery Electric Fence Energiser (2013 Design) 0.35J

The Hotline HLB25 Merlin is an updated version of the P250/S and remains an economical, compact multi-purpose battery powered electric fence energiser, but has been completely redesigned in 2013.

£117.16 £142.74

Hotline HLB50 HOBBY Battery Electric Fence Energiser (2013 Design) 0.57J

The Hotline HLB50 Hobby battery powered energiser is a redesigned version of the popular P450 medium power fencer, for many small farm uses such as horse paddock fencing, strip gazing and protecting pheasant pens.

£116.55 £137.10

Hotline SUPER HAWK Battery Electric Fencer

HLB300 Super Hawk Battery Fence Energiser.

£143.94 £185.58

Gallagher B40 9V/12V Battery Fence Energizer + Battery

The Gallagher B40 battery energizer is the most economical battery device suitable for fences up to 18 km in length (singlewired, no vegetation). Thanks to its night setting and random mode, it's just 2.8x more fuel efficient than an average 9V device. Wi


Hotline Paddock Essentials Budget Battery Powered Energiser (12V) 0.33J

The new Paddock MB60 energiser, is a budget entry-level fencer, meeting the basic requirements of electric fencing.

£83.90 £109.98

Products tagged with Electric Fence Energisers - Battery
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