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Ultrasonic Fox & Badger Deterrent with Nighteyes MP1F 12/240V

This latest development of the popular MP1 deterrent, combines the powerful and
irritating (to pests) ultrasonic sounds of the standard deterrent with the disturbing (to pests) presence
of the Bright Eyes to give you the best all in one pest deterrent a


Silent Bird Scarer

The MP1B is a single speaker high ‘silent’ high frequency bird scarer and deterrent for simple installations where there is a clear line of sight of the birds.

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Predator 4000 Bird Scarer 12V

The Predator 4000 audible bird scarer is the most powerful of the scarers and is suitable for deterring birds over a 40 acre* area using the digitally recorded distress, alarm and predator call of real birds. The bird scarer can be programmed with up to 1


Audible Bird Scarer P1000 12V

Audible Bird Scarers are evolving and the new Predator range is the latest in a long line of highly successful bird scarer that builds on years of experience in bird control.This Predator 1000 audible bird scarer is suitable for deterring birds over a 10


Predator Bird Scarer: Wireless Key Fob Controller

Remote controller of the Predator series of audible bird scarers for installations of the Predator Audible Bird Scarer where the bird scarer is not easily accessible, but occasional access, testing, use and adjustments are desirable.


Electro Magnetic Mouse & Rat Deterrent MPR10 with Nightlight

Turn the wiring of your house into the ultimate pest deterrent with the MPR10 plug in electro-magnetic mouse, rat and rodent deterrent. The MPR10 pest deterrent is also fitted with a unique 'soft glow' nightlight.


Silent Bird Scarer MP3B 12/240V

The MP3B is a 700sq.m. multi-directional, high frequency, ‘silent’ bird scarer with four in-built output speakers and integral strobe lamp.


Silent Bird Scarer MP2B 12/240V

The MP2B ‘silent’ bird scarer is a dual deterrent device, with a high frequency noise generator to cause auditory discomfort and a strobe lamp to add a visual deterrent.


Audible Gull / Marine Bird Scarer 12V

The marine gull scarer was designed to be an effective seagull deterrent for use on yachts and boats, giving great protection without causing excessive noise problems.


Audible Bird Scarer P2000 12V

This Predator 2000 audible bird scarer is suitable for deterring birds over a 20 acre* area using digitally recorded sounds of real bird calls. Natural distress, alarm and predator calls are used and each model has up to 10 pre-sets to allow selection of


Silent Bird Scarer MP6B 12/240V

The MP6B is our top of the range, multi-directional, ultra-sonic high frequency, ‘silent’ bird scarer with six built-in speakers and integral strobe lamp, very similar in design to the 4 speaker version, the MP3.


Silent Bird Scarer MP4B 12/240V

The birds with think this "silent" bird scarer is pretty loud! With 4 speakers facing the same way, the MP4B blasts the ultrasonic noise at the birds and should make the area quite unattractive to them.


Martley Pest Deterrents
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