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Bright Eyes Solar Powered Fox Deterrent

Bright Eyes solar-powered fox deterrent offers night time protection from foxes. This maintenance-free product has a double-high-intensity red flashing LED light which automatically turns on at dusk and off in full daylight. A key benefit is that the sola

£24.95 £26.50

Infrared Gazebo Heater - Three Sided 3kW

There are many "cheap and cheerful" copies of this British Made 3kW - 1.5kW (output changes at the flick of a switch) heater on the market, but we have found no good reason not to stay with this high quality, popular and reliable British version.

£295.00 £375.00

Gallagher S10 Solar Powered Energiser/Charger + Battery (6V)

The Gallagher S10 is the latest solar powered energiser for the hobby market and short fences (3 km singlewire, ideal conditions).

£157.95 £169.00

Gallagher B20 9V/12V Battery Fence Energiser/Charger

The Gallagher B20 Battery Electric Fence Energiser is suitable for short fences up to 2 km. Comes with 7 years warranty. Reliable animal control as an alert shows when battery is low. Very easy to use.

£69.00 £129.00

Pest-Free PLUS - Dual Light and Ultrasonic Deterrent

Pest-Free Plus is an enhanced version of the excellent general purpose ultrasonic pest and animal deterrent; A marriage of two products in one, this is an ultrasonic and visual deterrent that will make the pests feel even more uncomfortable in the guarded

£37.90 £39.99

Hotline HLB500 FALCON Battery Electric Fence Energiser 1.4J

The 12V Hotline HLB500 (was P500) Falcon battery powered electric fence energiser is a high power fencer for multi-purpose use. The Falcon energiser is suitable for all farm uses where mains power is unavailable. It is ideal for sheep, (up to 15 electrifi

£148.95 £159.99

Pest-Free Ultrasonic Animal Deterrent

Pest-Free is a general purpose ultrasonic pest and animal deterrent, designed to repel foxes, cats, dogs, rabbits and martens.

£27.05 £29.95

Gallagher B35 9V/12V Battery Powered Fence Energiser/Charger

The Gallagher B35 battery energiser is suitable for short fences up to 4 km. Comes with 7 years warranty. Good value for money and easy to use. Splash-proof housing.

£89.00 £189.00

Hotline 25m Poultry Netting (12-strand)

Hotline poultry netting is among the highest quality available with proven reliability in protecting your poultry from the fox.

£105.06 £106.26

Gallagher S16 Solar Powered Energiser/Charger + Battery (6V)

The Gallagher S16 is the ultimate mobile fencing device for short fences (4.5 km singlewired, ideal conditions). Comes with 7-years warranty.

£179.55 £189.00

CatWatch Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent

CatWatch is the only ultrasonic cat deterrent to have been fully tested approved by the RSPB.

£49.95 £53.95

Infrared Gazebo Heater with LED Downlight 3kW

This 3kW (switch-able to 1.5kW) Gazebo and Outbuilding heater is the very popular, high quality, British made "little brother" of our 6kW/3kW infrared heater. for your Gazebo and other garden buildings such as hot tub shelters, pavilions and cabins that w

£435.00 £500.00

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