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Paddock Essentials Tape Insulator (pack of 25)

This tape insulator is a competitively priced alternative to the heavy duty P45 Nail-on Tape Insulator. Specifically designed for shorter fence runs, this nail-on insulator is perfectly suited for use in paddocks etc. for fence runs up to 200m.

£11.25 £14.34

Hotline Bolt-on Electric Fence Insulator

These bolt-on electric fence insulators (Screw-in version pictured) are high quality, heavy duty bolt-on plastic ring insulators that are designed for use with permanent systems using galvanised stranded wire, high tensile wire and polywire. Although they

£10.90 £10.90

FoxWatch Ultrasonic Fox Deterrent

Foxwatch is the most widely used ultrasonic fox deterrent in the World!!

£43.94 £54.95

25m x 1.6mm Insulated Steel Lead-Out / Underground Cable

Insulated Lead Out/ Underground Cable

£19.16 £20.16

Repair Kit for Green Nets

A simple kit for small repairs of green netting.

£4.41 £4.41

Home Security Electric Fence Kit

Our new home security electric fencing kit includes everything you need to protect up to 50m of wall/fencing. For longer fences, you can easily extend the kit, up to a massive 2km!

£342.11 £389.95


£276.73 £351.84


£115.00 £151.08

25m Deluxe Poultry Netting with Hot Gate

Electric netting kits are the ideal option for those keeping a small amount of birds in a domestic setting and prefer a solution which can be moved and stored easily and has a low visual impact. The poultry net has 14 integral posts. Electrified poultry n

£146.34 £171.12

Birth Alarm Transmitter 433MHz

A spare, or extra transmitter for the Birth Alarm. To use, simply attach to the top part of the anti-roll girth.

£485.00 £509.00


£1.48 £1.62

25m Poultry Netting (12-strand)

Hotline poultry netting is among the highest quality available with proven reliability in protecting your poultry from the fox.

£105.06 £106.26