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Products tagged with Gallagher

Products tagged with Gallagher
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Gallagher Heron Kit M10 230V

A basic system for a fence around your pond. Through this safe, highly effective fence system your pond is a prohibited area for herons, prevents them from eating fish from your pond.


Gallagher Insulated Line Post Dropper 0,95m (10 pcs.)

The Gallagher Line Post Dropper is a floating post that keeps the fencing between two posts at the right height and properly tensioned.


Gallagher Tumble Wheel (5 pcs.)

One person can move a whole fence within a matter of minutes using the tumble wheels. The strip grazing system reduces the grazing cycles and increases the yield. Maximum fence height: 0.78m.


Gallagher M350 Electric Fence Energizer

The Gallagher M350 mains powered energizer has enough power for fencing of up to 28 km.


Gallagher S50 Solar Electric Fence Energizer

Compact and robust solar unit with integrated solar module 5W. Environmentally friendly and maintenance-free.

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Gallagher Sheep netting, Orange 90 cm

Complete and easy to use portable Gallagher netting for sheep and lambs. If the pasture is bordered with ditches, netting offers even the newborn lambs maximum safety. Length: 50m. Includes 14 single spikes installed in the netting. It is easy to connect


Gallagher B40 Battery Powered Energizer

The Gallagher B40 is the most energy-efficient battery energizer, suitable for fences up to 6 km. The B40 can also be used with solar energy as it comes with a solar panel. The energizer can be powered by solar during the day and by battery at night.


Gallagher M1400 Electric Fence Energizer

The Gallagher M1400 from the special edition range is a sturdy mains energizer suitable for fencing of up to 55km.


Gallagher M950 Electric Fence Energizer

The Gallagher M950 from the special edition range is a powerful mains energizer that is suitable for long multiwire fencing with a length of up to 42 km.


Gallagher M300 Electric Fence Energizer

The Gallagher M300 is a powerful mains fence energizer, suitable for multi-wire fences up to 25 km.


Gallagher M120 Electric Fence Energizer

Gallagher M120 Mains Electric Fence Energizer. Easy to operate mains equipment for shorter runs of fencing up to 8 km.


Gallagher Triple Geared Reel Stand incl. Vidoflex polywire

The Gallagher Triple Geared Reel Stand incl. Vidoflex Polywire is particularly suitable for temporary fencing or strip grazing. Three reels with translation mechanism and 400 m TurboLine Cord are attached to this reel corner post. This allows you to quick