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Gallagher M5000i Electric Fence Energizer (230V/19J)

The Gallagher M5000i energiser is the latest and most powerful (freely available) Gallagher I Series Energiser. The capacity of this intelligent powerhouse is enough for fences with a length of up to 100 km!


Gallagher Multi Powered MB1800i Electric Fence Energiser (230V/12V/14J)

The Gallagher MB1800i electric fence energiser combines the flexibility of a multi-power device with the strength and intelligence of the Gallagher i-Series. This intelligent device is suitable for operation with a rechargeable battery or for connection t


Hotline Phoenix HLM700 Mains Electric Fence Energiser for heavy vegetation 4.9J

With 7 stored joules, the Phoenix HLM700 is a cost effective, high power fence energiser for electric fences that have medium to heavy vegetation to deal with.

£299.99 £461.76

Hotline 12V / Mains HOTLINE HLC120 Gemini Electric Fence Energiser 1.2J

The most powerful of the 'Combi' range of fence energisers, the Hotline HLC120 Gemini provides the best of both worlds when it comes to choice of power supply as it will run both from mains power or 12v battery. This energiser is a good General Purpose fe

£102.99 £163.14

Gallagher MBS800 Multi Power Energizer

The Gallagher MBS800 is a multi-power energiser that can be operated with both 230V AC power, a 12V battery or solar panel. You can select your source of power with a button with various settings.


Gallagher MBS200 Multi Power Energizer

The Gallagher MBS200 is a 3-in-1 multi-power energiser that can be operated with both 230V AC power, a 12V battery or solar panel.


Gallagher Multi Powered MB2800i Electric Fence Eneergiser (230V/12V/21J)

The MB2800i is the most powerful and intelligent cordless device on the market from Gallagher. This powerful energiser has enough power to operate a fence of up to 80 km in length. In addition, this device is suitable for operation with a rechargeable bat


Hotline Paddock 'Kite' Budget Mains Powered Energiser 0.8J

The new 'Kite' energiser from the Paddock budget range is a straightforwards, simple and cost effective mains energiser for smaller fence installations. Despite being a low-cost alternative, the 'Kite' is full of Hotline quality and has a full 3-year warr

£84.20 £108.00

Hotline Electric Fence Energiser Mains HOTLINE HLM400 Condor 3.6J

The Hotline HLM400 Condor mains electric fence energiser is designed for permanent boundary fences only and is not suitable for short temporary electric fences. Perfectly suited to use on the farm, game reserve, parks, smallholdings, lakes, etc.

£162.74 £247.80

Hotline Phoenix HMX2500 Super High Power Mains Electric Fence Energiser 7J - 25J

The Phoenix HMX2500 is a high quality single output energiser with an intelligent timed power boost function that automatically increases output if the fence load increases.

£559.75 £718.62

Gallagher M1800i Electric Fence Energizer (230V/14J)

This Gallagher M1800i electric fence energiser covers up to 65 kilometers of fence length, which is extremely powerful with 14 joules of charging energy and a maximum voltage of 7,000 volts.


Gallagher M2800i Electric Fence Energizer (230V) including free remote

The Gallagher M2800i is an extremely powerful fencing device suitable for multi-wire fences up to 53 km long.


Products tagged with Electric Fencing Energisers - Mains
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