M5000i Mains Powered Electric Fence Energiser/Charger (230V)

Brand: Gallagher
Brand: Gallagher

M5000i Mains Powered Electric Fence Energiser/Charger (230V)

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- Mains powered - Ideal for fences up to 100 km - Voltage 9,000 V - Charging energy 19 Joule - 7 year warranty! Suitable for; horses - cattle - sheep - goats - deer - pigs

Gallagher M5000i Mains Powered Electric Fence Energiser/Charger (230V)


The Gallagher M5000i energiser is the latest and most powerful (freely available) Gallagher I Series Energiser. The capacity of this intelligent powerhouse is enough for fences with a length of up to 100 km! The ultimate power is achieved by the integrated Adaptive Control®. This provides continuous voltage on the fencing, any time anywhere, with the lowest possible electricity consumption. energisers from the i Series burn away vegetation and ensure maximum power at the end of the fencing.

230 Volts 7 year warranty  Output Voltage Output Energy Lightning Protection Display Optional Status

The included external display ensures that you can operate and read the device from a distance of 50 meters. For an optimal use of this service you can add up to six fence monitors to turn it into a fully monitored set up that keeps the external display constantly up to date with fence performance. The monitor identifies when any zone has a fault, for instance when a wire has been cut or if a branch is fallen onto the fence. The monitor reports back alarms to the energiser, external display and (optional) to the SMS module or WiFi Gateway. With the WiFi Gateway you can get real time fence information on an app on your phone.

When you have arrived at the problem zone indicated by the fence monitor on your display or phone, you can use the Gallagher Fault Finder to find and solve the fault quickly. With the arrow on the display the Fault Finder will points you in the direction of the short circuit. This will save you time when you are looking for an fault. You can switch the fence on and off on site with the (additional) remote control to repair the fault. Watch how the Gallagher I series work.  

The Gallagher M5000i energiser can be complemented with more i-series accessories, such as i-Series alarm system or a warning light.

Technical data of the M5000i energiser:

  • Switching on and off the fence with remote control (optional)
  • Full control of your fence when using optional fence monitors (max 6)
  • Suitable for very long, multi-stranded fences
  • The device works destructively


Reference grounding - only the I series offers:
The Gallagher i Series electric fence units offer many benefits to you as a user. This will allow you to view the performance of your fence and ground on the supplied monitor, as well as set up alarm notifications.

To read the power of your ground, a reference grounding is required, which you can set up as follows:
a) Install a single galvanized earth pile post (at least 10 feet (60 cm) long from the fence and at least 10 meters away from power cords, telephone cables, water pipes or building earth.
b) Connect the reference earthing pole via a ground cable to the black clip on the energiser.


Register your device now and receive a 7-year warranty on this product!

Output voltage (V): 9000
Output energy (J): 15
Multiwire distance - ideal conditions (km): 100
Multiwire distance - light growth (km): 60
Multiwire distance - recommended (km): 26
Grid area (hectare/acre): 160/400
Current consumption (W): 11/18
External display: Yes
LED bar chart: Yes
Sound alarm fence - earth: Yes
Terminal reference earth: Yes
Adaptive control: Yes
Full - Half power option: Yes
Delay with load: Yes
Security with short - circuit: Yes
Built-in lightning diverter: Yes
Recommended number of earth stakes: 8 x 2 m
Dimensions: (L x B x H) mm: 430 x 140 x 310
Weight (kg): 8.8
Ideal for/ keeping out: Horses, Cattle, Deer, Sheep, Pigs and Goats

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