Electric Fencing for Goats

Information about setting up electric fencing for goats.
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Insulator Type
Post Type
Fence Material
Maximum Fence Length (km)
Gallagher M1400 Mains Powered Electric Fence Energiser/Charger (230V)

- Mains powered
- Ideal for fences up to 55 km
- Voltage 7,700 V
- Charging energy 12 Joule
- 7 year warranty!

Suitable for; horses - cattle - sheep - goats - deer - pigs


Gallagher MBS2800i Mains Powered Electric Fence Energiser/Charger + Accessoires (230V)

- Mains powered
- Ideal for fences up to 80 km
- Voltage 7,000 V
- Charging energy 21 Joule
- 7 year warranty!

Suitable for; horses - cattle - sheep - goats - deer - pigs


10x Gallagher XDI Offset Bolt-on Insulator 20 cm/M6

Innovative Gallagher design. Much stronger than the standard offset insulator due to a new technique, and more durable due to its metal core.


10x Gallagher Offset Pigtail Insulator 40 cm - Terra

For electrifying specific existing non-live fences quickly. Very suitable for rope and tape. Pre-drill hole and staple the offset to the wooden post.


Gallagher Lead Out Cable 1,6 mm | 25 m – 100 Ohm/km

Double insulated lead-out cable to connect the energizer with the fence and to make underground connections (e.g. gateways). Use this 25 m cable for short distances.


Gallagher SmartFence 2.0 - Mobile Fence

- 4 wires
- Maximum fence length: 100 m
- Very quick and easy to assemble, to carry and store away
- Can be connected to any energiser


Gallagher Strain Insulator Reinforced - White

Suitable for short strains and semi-permanent short fences.


Gallagher ElectroMax Wire 2.65 mm | 600 m

ElectroMax of Gallagher: 15% more conductive than standard 2.5 mm high tensile wire.


Gallagher Insultimber (FSC®) Dropper 0.95 m

Gallagher self-insulated Timber (FSC®) for permanent fencing. Up to 70% more cost effective than traditional non-electric fencing. No insulators required. Insultimber (FSC®) does not require chemical treatment.


Gallagher Combo Netting 90 cm | 50 m Double Pin - Orange

This netting is extremely suitable for uneven terrain with sheep and goats. Height 90 cm / Length 50 m / 14 posts / double pin.


Gallagher Triple Geared Reel Stand + Vidoflex Polywire

The Gallagher Triple Geared Reel Stand incl. Vidoflex Polywire is particularly suitable for temporary fencing or strip grazing. Three reels with translation mechanism and 400 m TurboLine Cord are attached to this reel corner post.


Gallagher Goat Netting 105 cm | 50 m Single Pin - Orange

Complete and easy to use portable netting for goats and lambs. Height 105 cm / Lenght 50 m / 14 posts / Single spike.


Electric Fencing for Goats
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