PN1000 Mains Powered Energiser/Charger - 230V

Brand: Pulsara
Brand: Pulsara

PN1000 Mains Powered Energiser/Charger - 230V

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- Mains powered - Ideal for fences up to 10 km - Voltage 11,000 V - Charging energy 1.40 Joule

Pulsara PN1000 Mains Powered Energiser/Charger - 230V


Specifications - Pulsara PN1000 Mains Energiser

Pulsara PN1000 is a heavy duty Electric Fence Energiser - 230V. Mains powered device with 1,4 Joule stored energy. Robust and hard-wearing design. Suitable for fences of up to 10 km.

  • 230V Mains energiser, suitable for mulitwire fences up to 10 km
  • LED indicators show status of the energiser, easy to operate
  • Built-in lightning protection
  • Charging energy: 1,4 Joule
  • Maximum impulse output energy: 1,2 Joule
  • Maximum output voltage: 11.000 Volt
  • No vegetation (recommended): 10 km
  • Medium vegetation (recommended): 2 km
  • Dense vegetation (recommended): 1 km
  • Recommended meters of earth rod: 1,5 meters (could be a combination of different sizes earth rods)

If you are looking for sturdy mains energisers that are easy to connect, Pulsara is what you are looking for. Pulsara's PN series: 230 Volt devices for hobby and professional use. The energisers are developed to keep animals safely inside in the most animal-friendly and safe manner. Every energizer is developed to be safe for human and animals. The PN1000 delivers a top performance near dense vegetation too. Using the PN1000 you are guaranteed to have sufficient voltage on your fencing, ensuring your animals stay safely in the pasture. 

Fence length - Pulsara PN1000 Mains Energiser

The maximum fence length supported by the Pulsara PN1000 Energiser is determined by the maximum output voltage in combination with the maximum output impulse. The most important variable determining the maximum length of the fence is the maximum voltage output. The higher the maximum voltage output, the longer fence is supported by the energiser. The Pulsara PN1000 has a maximum voltage output of 11.000 Volt. In combination with the maximum impulse output, the Pulsara PN3500 charges fences up to 10 kilometer. 

The recommended length of fencing charged by the Pulsara PN3500 is influenced by different variables. One of these variables is the conductor used for the fence. For the best performance of the energiser, we recommend to use high quality conductors. If the conductors used are poor quality, the resistance on the fence is higher, impacting the length of the fence.

Another important variable impacting the maximum fence length supported by the PN3500 is vegetation. When no vegetation is touching the fence, the maximum fence length is not impacted. However, when there is medium vegetation, which is touching the fence, the maximum fence length supported is decreased to 2 kilometers. When your fence is built in an environment with high vegetation, the maximum fence length supported is 1 kilometer.

It is always wise to regularly check the power on the fence with a fence tester.

Animals - Pulsara PN1000 Mains Energiser

The maximum impulse output determines the animals for which the energiser is best suited. The relation between the maximum impulse output and animal is based on the resistance of the animal. The harder it is for the energy to flow through the animal, the higher the impulse should be for an effective result. Therefor the maximum impulse output is higher for larger animals than small animals. The Pulsara PN1000 mains energiser is suited for horse fencing, catlle fencing, sheep fencing and also pig fencing. As the PN1000 has relatively low maximum impulse output, compared to the higher numbers of the PN-series, this energiser is recommended for smaller groups of horses, cattle, sheep and pigs. 

This device is suitable for sheep as well as horses. Eventhough the animal differs is size, certain characteristics of the animal makes the PN1000 suitable their fencing. As a sheep compared to a horse has a small contact surface and has a thick skin, a higher maximum impulse energy is necessary to get the same effect.

Extra's - Pulsara PN1000 Mains Energiser

All mains energisers in the PN-series have built in lightning protection. This helps in protecting the energy network to which the energiser is connected when lightning strikes.

To have a clear indication on the status of the energiser, the PN1000 of Pulsara has LED indicators to show the status.

Installation - Pulsara PN1000 Mains Energiser

To have an effective electric fence, good earthing is important. The minimum required earthing for the Pulsara PN1000 is 1,5 meters. The rule of thumb regarding the earthing an energiser is 1 meter per 1 joule maximum impulse output. For the performance of the energiser it does not matter how the 1,5 meter earthing is composed. You could choose one earth rod of 1,7 meters, but also one earth rod of 1 meter and one of 0,5 meter.


Charging energy (J): 1.4
Output energy (J): 1.2
Output voltage (V): 11000
Voltage with 500 Ohm load (V): 3000
Voltage amount: 230 V
Voltage amount optional: -
No vegetation (recommended): 10 km
Dense vegetation (recommended): 2 km
High vegetation (recommended): 1 km
Earth stakes: 1

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