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Post Type
Fence Material
Maximum Fence Length (km)
Battery type
Pulsara Ground Cable 2.5 mm - 50 m, 100 m or 500 m reel

Pulsara Ground cable 2,5mm. Available in 50 m, 100 m or 500 m. The ground cable is only meant for earthing and NOT for electrical use.


10x Mobile Fencing Post 1.05 m With One Foothold - White

Pulsara mobile fencing post 1.05 m, white with one foothold (10 pieces).

£10.00 £17.99

10x Pulsara Pigtail Post 1.0 m - White

Pulsara plastic coated spring steel post with UV stabilised plastic insulated white pigtail insulator.


Pulsara Geared Reel Basic 3:1

This Pulsara geared reel (3:1) fits 500 m poly wire, 300 m of tape and 150 m cord.


10x Pulsara Mobile Fencing Post 1.05 m With 10 Wire/Tape Supports

Pulsara Plastic post 1,05 m with 10 wire/tape supports. Available in white, blue, green and black. 10 pieces.


10x Pulsara Mobile Fencing Post 1.55 m With 14 Wire/Tape Supports

Pulsara plastic post 1.55 m, white or green with 14 wire/tape supports. 10 pieces.


Pulsara PC850 Hybrid Electric Fence Energiser/Charger - 12V/230V

- Mains powered - Ideal for fences up to 5 km
- Voltage 7,300 V
- Charging energy 0.90 Joule


10x Pulsara Mobile Fencing Post 1.55 m - White

For plastic wire, rope and tape up to 20 mm.




10x Pulsara Fibreglass Post 10 mm x 1,10 m - Yellow

Pulsara ø 10 mm. With top and intermediate insulator. Strong peg with foothold.


Pulsara Geared Reel Premium - 500 m

The Pulsara geared reel premium is a high quality reel with gearing 3 to 1. The solid bearings and gearing secure years of carefree use. The reel suits 500m poly wire, 300m 12,5mm tape and 200m cord. Including gate handle.


Pulsara PN5500 Mains Powered Energiser/Charger - 230V

- Mains powered
- Ideal for fences up to 25 km
- Voltage 11,000 V
- Charging energy 5.80 Joule



The Pulsara brand offers a complete range of electric fences, with a price/quality ratio that is comparable with competing brands. The product range offers an effective solution for animal farming.

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