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Hotline HLB500 FALCON Battery Electric Fence Energiser 1.4J

The 12V Hotline HLB500 (was P500) Falcon battery powered electric fence energiser is a high power fencer for multi-purpose use. The Falcon energiser is suitable for all farm uses where mains power is unavailable. It is ideal for sheep, (up to 15 electrifi

£133.64 £206.34

Hotline 30m Solar Water Pump Kit

The 30m solar water pump kit is a high quality Solar Powered Livestock Drinker – In a box!


Hotline Fire Drake Solar Powered Energiser 0.65J with 1m Earth Spike

The most powerful of Hotline's Fire Drake range of solar powered energisers is a perfect choice of energiser for small to medium electric fencing applications where mains is not an option. Incl. 1m Earth Spike.

£243.72 £365.74

Hotline 12V / Mains HOTLINE HLC120 Gemini Electric Fence Energiser 1.2J

The most powerful of the 'Combi' range of fence energisers, the Hotline HLC120 Gemini provides the best of both worlds when it comes to choice of power supply as it will run both from mains power or 12v battery. This energiser is a good General Purpose fe

£102.99 £163.14

Hotline Shrike - D-Cell Battery Energiser

Hotline Shrike HLB100 D-Cell Battery Energiser.


Hotline ECO Electric Fence Posts 10 pack (87cm / 34.5")

These heavy weight recycled plastic multiwire posts from Hotline Electric Fencing are manufactured using the same trusted, extra strong H Section design as the excellent CP2000 fence posts. Injection moulded using only high grade recycled plastic, these p

£13.50 £18.54

Hotline 50m Deluxe Poultry Pen Kit with Hot-Gate System (with 75Ah battery)

This is the 50m version of the 'Deluxe' poultry pen kit, which includes an HLC120 energiser and battery, so the kit can be extended to up to 250m (5 x 50m nets). As well as a powerful energiser, the 50m kit includes additional corner (double spike) posts

£323.80 £394.14

Hotline 2.5watt Solar assist panel for Shrike

Multi position 2.5w solar panel for Shrike energiser. 12v panel will power the energiser in bright conditions, extending battery life.


Hotline Premium 500m 3-Reel System (Polywire & 3:1 Geared Reels)

This 3-Reel System, includes everything you need to erect a Electroplastic wire fence system up 500m in total length (approximately 1.25ha). The kit is very similar to the entry level TP500/CP, but has upgraded polywire making this kit particularly suitab

£496.32 £570.00


£102.83 £125.40

Hotline 500M Complete Badger Barrier 3 Reel Electric Fence Kit

500M Complete Badger Barrier - 3 Reel Electric Fence Kit

£625.39 £902.22


When it comes to keeping livestock in and predators out, the Hotline range of electric fencing and netting can solve almost any problem. Discover here our range of Hotline energisers, conductors, posts, insulators, reels, netting and more. 

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