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Paddock Essentials Tape Insulator (pack of 25)

This tape insulator is a competitively priced alternative to the heavy duty P45 Nail-on Tape Insulator. Specifically designed for shorter fence runs, this nail-on insulator is perfectly suited for use in paddocks etc. for fence runs up to 200m.

£11.25 £14.34

Hotline Bolt-on Electric Fence Insulator

These bolt-on electric fence insulators (Screw-in version pictured) are high quality, heavy duty bolt-on plastic ring insulators that are designed for use with permanent systems using galvanised stranded wire, high tensile wire and polywire. Although they

£10.90 £10.90

25m x 1.6mm Insulated Steel Lead-Out / Underground Cable

Insulated Lead Out/ Underground Cable

£19.16 £20.16


£115.00 £151.08


£1.48 £1.62

Electric Fence Posts Multiwire Poly 40 Pack

These premium heavy weight multiwire plastic posts from Hotline Electric Fencing Ltd are manufactured to an exceptionally high standard using a trusted H Section design, which provides extra strength. Available in blue, green, orange and white.



£276.73 £351.84

Aluminium Ratchet Wire Tensioner

Aluminium Wire Tensioner

£4.54 £6.60

Earth Spike - 0.5m

This 0.5m earth spike is useful for electric fencing applications using 6v and 9v energisers and also for 12v applications where it may be impractical or impossible to use a longer, or larger diameter earth spike due to the ground conditions  being too ha

£3.64 £3.50

25m Deluxe Poultry Netting with Hot Gate

Electric netting kits are the ideal option for those keeping a small amount of birds in a domestic setting and prefer a solution which can be moved and stored easily and has a low visual impact. The poultry net has 14 integral posts. Electrified poultry n

£146.34 £171.12

Paddock 'Kite' Budget Mains Powered Energiser 0.8J

The new 'Kite' energiser from the Paddock budget range is a straightforwards, simple and cost effective mains energiser for smaller fence installations. Despite being a low-cost alternative, the 'Kite' is full of Hotline quality and has a full 3-year warr

£84.20 £108.00

Heavy Duty Poultry Net Corner Posts (pack of 4)

Heavy Duty Poultry Net Corner Post (4 Pack)

£19.99 £20.88


When it comes to keeping livestock in and predators out, the Hotline range of electric fencing and netting can solve almost any problem. Discover here our range of Hotline energisers, conductors, posts, insulators, reels, netting and more.