Electric Fencing for Goats

Information about setting up electric fencing for goats.
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Post Type
Fence Material
Maximum Fence Length (km)
Gallagher M1000 Mains Powered Electric Fence Energiser/Charger (230V)

Simplicity, that's our M1000. A very powerful energizer with 10 joule stored energy, which secures voltage at the end of your fence!


Gallagher M1400 Mains Powered Electric Fence Energiser/Charger (230V)

The Gallagher M1400 from the special edition range is a powerful mains energiser that is suitable for long multiwire fencing with a length of up to 55 km.


Gallagher M2800i Mains Powered Electric Fence Energiser/Charger + Accessoires (230V)

The M2800i is an extremely powerful energizer with 21 Joule stored energy, suitable for fences up to 80 km.


10x Gallagher XDI Offset Bolt-on Insulator 20 cm/M6

Innovative Gallagher design. Much stronger than the standard offset insulator due to a new technique, and more durable due to its metal core.


10x Gallagher Offset Pigtail Insulator 40 cm - Terra

For electrifying specific existing non-live fences quickly. Very suitable for rope and tape. Pre-drill hole and staple the offset to the wooden post.


Gallagher Lead Out Cable 1,6 mm | 25 m – 100 Ohm/km

Double insulated lead-out cable to connect the energizer with the fence and to make underground connections (e.g. gateways). Use this 25 m cable for short distances.


Gallagher SmartFence 2.0 - Mobile Fence

All in one, four wire, 100 m, fully portable instant fence system. Very quick and easy to assemble and easy to carry and store away. Can be connected to any energiser for instant electric fence protection.


Gallagher Strain Insulator Reinforced - White

Suitable for short strains and semi-permanent short fences.


Gallagher ElectroMax Wire 2.65 mm | 600 m

ElectroMax of Gallagher: 15% more conductive than standard 2.5 mm high tensile wire.


Gallagher Combo Netting Reinforced 90 cm | 50 m Double Pin - Orange

Fencing netting for sheep and goats. Particularly suitable for use on rough terrain. Height 90 cm / Length 50 m / 14 posts / double pin.


Gallagher Insultimber (FSC®) Dropper 0.95 m

Gallagher self-insulated Timber (FSC®) for permanent fencing. Up to 70% more cost effective than traditional non-electric fencing. No insulators required. Insultimber (FSC®) does not require chemical treatment.


Gallagher Combo Netting 90 cm | 50 m Double Pin - Orange

This netting is extremely suitable for uneven terrain with sheep and goats. Height 90 cm / Length 50 m / 14 posts / double pin.


Electric Fencing for Goats
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