Electric Fencing for Rabbits

Crops and land can be effectively protected using rabbit deterrents. This can be done by using either a rabbit electric netting system, or an ultrasonic deterrent. Whichever you choose, you can find a reliable product in our catalogue below.
Gallagher Rabbit-/Hobby Netting 65 cm | 25 m Single Pin - Green

This netting is suitable for rabbits and other small pets. The netting can also be used to protect your garden or paddock against small animals.


Gallagher Rabbit-/Hobby Netting 65 cm | 50 m Single Pin - Green

Complete and easy to use netting for rabbits and other small pets. . It also protects your garden, field or pasture. 50 m.


Pest-Free Ultrasonic Animal Deterrent

Pest-Free is a general purpose ultrasonic pest and animal deterrent, designed to repel foxes, cats, dogs, rabbits and martens.

£27.05 £29.95

Pest-Free PLUS - Dual Light and Ultrasonic Deterrent

Pest-Free Plus is an enhanced version of the excellent general purpose ultrasonic pest and animal deterrent; A marriage of two products in one, this is an ultrasonic and visual deterrent that will make the pests feel even more uncomfortable in the guarded

£37.90 £39.99

Hotline Super Rabbit Net (9-strand)

'Super' Rabbit Net (9-strand)


Hotline Rabbit Net (Standard 7-strand) 50m

Rabbit Net (standard 7-strand)


Electric Fencing for Rabbits

The most popular choice for rabbit deterrents is the electrified rabbit netting for small to medium sized installations.
Electrified rabbit netting is typically supplied in 50 m lengths, with 8 electrified lines and a bottom line that is not live. The netting is normally only 50-80 cm tall and is pre-fitted with mounting posts. Since rabbits are so agile, fitting the rabbit netting so that it is tilted at an angle of 45-degrees away from the area of land you are protecting will improve its effectiveness. Angling the electric fence means that the rabbits’ ears are likely to touch the fence line before it gets close enough to dig underneath.

Where a permanent electric fence is being erected against rabbits, we need to build in both 'live' and 'earth' wires. The earth wires are connected directly to the earth spike of the electric fence system, not to the fence energiser. The purpose of these lines is to try and overcome the fact that some rabbits will actually jump through a fencing and, once off of the ground, a live electric fence wire is ineffective. To counter this, two or three of the fence lines are connected to the earthing system; should a rabbit attempt to jump through the fence, they are very likely to touch both a live and an earth line at the same time, receiving a shock in the process.

If you have any questions around rabbit deterrents, why not contact our experts at our Help Centre?

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