What do foxes eat and how to keep them away

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What do foxes eat and how to keep them away

Winter and Mating season both at the same time? Say hello to foxes. Foxes breed just once a year. We are right in the middle of the mating season, January – March meaning that more foxes will be strolling and lurking about, as food during the winter is not easy to come by. It is important to know how to keep control of this and keep them away.


Foxes have a reputation for being opportunistic feeders that will eat anything. They favour strong smelling or super sweet foods like fish, chicken, meant, and vegetables.There are a lot of DIY ways to repel foxes from your garden through just smell alone, this just shows how strong there sense of smell really is. They hate the following, Garlic, Chilli Peppers and Capsaicin. BUT the super effective Gallagher Electric Fencing is going to keep them OUT permanently, not a bit of garlic left around the garden.


After the first contact with the fence, foxes will stay away from it. A fox will not receive a shock from the same fence twice. You have for sure created a psychological barrier between you your animals and the foxes. We also highly recommend to mount a Fox Light on the fencing for optimum deterrence.


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