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Gallagher Fence Voltmeter

Supplies exact information on the condition of your fence. Makes targeted trouble shooting very easy and efficient. Helpful tool for checking earthing system.


Gallaher Live Fence Indicator

The Live fence indicator is fitted to the fence and flashes with each pulse of the energizer so you can see whether the fencing is still working correctly.


Gallagher Electric Fence Keyring Beeper

A very handy and simple tester which can be attached to a key ring. Hold it close to an electric fence and it will give a loud beep if the fence is active.


Gallagher Vidoflex 12 TurboLine Plus 400 m - White

The most conductive TurboLine Plus poly wire 3.0 mm for portable fencing. The 6 stainless-steel wires and 4 galvanised copper wires conduct 80 times better than a standard poly wire.


Gallagher Porcelain Strain Insulator - White

A porcelain End-strain Insulator for high tensions.


Gallagher Fault Finder Voltage and Current Meter

The Gallagher Fault Finder pinpoints faults quickly and easily whatever the wire type or energiser is used.


Gallagher Porcelain Corner Insulator - White

A porcelain roll-corner insulator to strain the wires on the corner posts.


Gallagher Wire Tensioner Pro

An essential tool for use with Permanent Wire Tightener. Fast and easy to use, even in confined areas. One way bearing allows ratchet action of the handle.


Gallagher Vidoflex 9 TurboLine Plus 400 m - White

If you have or are looking for portable fencing that is longer than 500 m, choose Vidoflex 9. Vidoflex 9 is 40x better than other plastic wire, 50% stronger, easy to see and it does not stretch.


Gallagher Earthstake 1.0 m

Without a proper Earth System your energizer will not perform. e)


Gallagher Clips for Insultimber/Ecopost - Long

We recommend the use for fixing wire to an Insultimber post or Gallagher Ecopost.


Gallagher W-Insulator Small - Black

Made from high density, sunlight resistant polyethylene plastic. Large heavy duty shield eliminates power leakage. Suitable for guiding wire around a corner post.


Products tagged with Fence
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