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£ 2,000.00
Insulator Type
Post Type
Fence Material
Maximum Fence Length (km)
Battery type
10x Gallagher Horse Post Terra 1.05 m

The Gallagher Horse Post Terra 1.5 m, stirrup step for easy and safe installation. A twist & lock system is included.


10x Gallagher Multi Wire Ring Top Post 1.10 m - White

The multi wire ring top has several movable insulators, making it easy to put up fencing at the required height. These fencing posts are also extremely suitable for fencing pastures with animals of different heights.


Goodnature® Consumable Co2

- The CO2 canister is what powers the A24 trap
- Enables it to automatically reset and kill 24 rats or mice before replacing a new one


Goodnature® Lure Chocolate Pouch Rat | 200 gm

- Rat Lure 200gm Pouch
- Attracts rats and mice
- Long-life, toxin-free and tastes & smells like chocolate


Goodnature® Lure - ALP Rat

- Make it easier to keep rats and mice under constant control
- It is a set-and-forget system
- Reduces the times you need to check your trap to twice a year


25x Goodnature® Rodent Detector Kit - Accessory

- Rodent detection kit helps you to think like a rat.
- Indicates where to place the trap to have a successful trapper


Pulsara E-line Elastic Gate Set | 6 m

Buy Pulsara E-line Elastic gate set | 6 m online. UK's largest online supplier. Located in the UK. Expert help and advice.


Pulsara Retractable Car Wind Cord | 7,5 m

Pulsara retractable car wind cord up to 7,5 m


25x Pulsara Tape Insulator with Fastener | 40 mm

Pulsara tape insulator is suitable up to 40 mm.


Pulsara Drill Chuck - Green

Practical Pulsara drill chuck for easy screwing in wooden posts.


Pulsara Fencing Pliers

Pulsara fencing pliers suitable for cutting wire or removing staples.


5x Pulsara Gate Handle Anchor with Tape Clip | 60 mm

Pulsara gate handle anchor with tape clip.


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