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Strainrite Steel Post Lifter

Lifts Steel “Y” Posts from any side.


Strainrite Batten Driver Cap

Use these Batten Driver Caps if you're using a sledge hammer, or finishing off after using a post driver ensuring that you protect your posts and battens while driving them in.


Strainrite 4 Arm Post Driver MKII

Strainrites 150mm, 32kg, 4 Arm Post Driver lets you share the workload and do some serious whacking!


Strainrite Larger Post Driver

Strainrite MKII Larger Post Drivers are as big and heavy as you would want to go without help and you might not say no to an extra pair of hands...


Strainrite Slotted Batten Driver

The Slotted Batten Driver is almost identical to the 57mm Square Batten Driver, but it is a little lighter at 10kg due to having an open slot on one side, which enables you to drive battens/fence posts into the ground when you have fitted insulators in ad


Strainrite Square Batten Driver

The square batten driver makes "hammering" a square fence batten or post into the ground, much easier than using a sledge!


Strainrite Steel Post Driver Cap

The Steel Post Driver Cap is designed for "light duty" driving of steel posts.


Strainrite Steel Post Driver

Strainrite's Steel Post Driver (the Waratah Driver MKII) is the perfect tool for hammering steel posts, heavy duty earth spikes etc. into the ground.


Strainrite Power Post Fencing Spade

Tough High-Quality Steel!


Strainrite Post Hole Shovel

Shovel mouth designed for post holes.


Strainrite Double Digger

Digging post holes is rarely considered an easy job, but Strainrite's Double Digger certainly does make it easier!


Strainrite Standard Wire Cutter

This is Strainrite's most basic wire cutter, really designed for light occasion use only.


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