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Voss Helos 4 vs Hotline Buzzard vs Gallagher MB300 12 Volt Energisers Comparison | Buyers Guide

Voss Helos 4 vs Hotline Buzzard vs Gallagher MB300 12 Volt Energisers Comparison | Buyers Guide

Need help deciding the best 12 Volt energiser solution, but are overwhelmed by all brands and options? We at Electric Fence Online specialise in all farming and animal management solutions. In this comparison we take a look at three comparable 12 Volt energisers. Our comparison aims to provide a detailed analysis of the key features, specifications, helping you choose the best solution for your fencing requirements.


  Voss Hotline Gallagher
  Helos 4 Buzzard MB300
Output Voltage (V) 9600 11500 9100
Output with 500 Ohm (V) 7300 4900 5900
Voltage with 100 Ohm (V)     2400
Stored Energy (J) 3,2 3,2 2,7
Output Energy (J) 2,2 2,24 2
Single Wire Fence distance - Ideal conditions (km) 77 25 75
Multi (2) Wire Fence distance - Ideal conditions (km) 24   25
Multi (2) Wire Fence distance - Light conditions (km)  6   16
Multi (3) Wire Fence distance - Recommended (km) 2,5   6
Grid area (Hec/Acre)      12/30
Avg./Max current draw 12V Battery (mA)   220 320 217/276
Avg. Power cons. 15V Powersupply (W)     3,255
Battery performance - normal modus (days/VAh)   21 ^12 days / 12V85Ah
Horse, Cattle
Sheep, Goat
Domestic animals, Pond and garden    
Battery LED (indicator)
Low Battery Warning    
Device indicator light On/Off  
Built-in lightning protection    
Auto power conservation to prevent damage to battery  
Suitable powersupply (Part No./Part No.)     401218
12V Battery Leadset MB/MBS Series included     582207
Fence and Earth connection lead included   004938
Suitable for solar panel (minimal advised) 35W 35W 30W
Suitable for Gallagher Solarbox (073511)    
Suitable for Electrified Vandal Proof Box (083046)    
Recommended Battery (minimal advised)     1x Optima YT R3,7L
Recommended number of earth stakes 3x1m 1x1m 4x1m
Compliance     EN60335-2-76-A11
IPX classification IP 44   IPX4
Warranty 3 Years 5 years 3 years (7 with registration)
Dimensions (lxbxh mm) 290 x 210 x 115 440 x 280 x 180 200x110x220
Weight (Kg) 2,08 3,1 1,4


Gallagher MB300

The Gallagher MB300 Multi Power - Is a versatile electric fence energizer capable of running on both 230V mains power (with an adapter sold separately) or a 12V battery (also sold separately). Its distinctive design ensures ease of handling and transportation. An LED indicator displays the battery status, while the device is capable of electrifying fences up to 25 km in length, complete with necessary fence connection cables. Additionally, the energizer can be securely fastened against theft using a bicycle lock through its convenient carrying handle.

Voss Hellos 4

The VOSS.farming "Helos 4" is a dual electric fence energizer offering flexibility with its ability to operate on a 12V battery, mains, or solar power. With 9,600 V and 3.2 J of stored energy, it's effective for managing fences up to 24 km long in areas free of vegetation. Note that a mains adapter is not included. This energizer features deep discharge protection for the battery and incorporates an energy-saving system that adjusts power consumption based on fence condition. It includes LED indicators for both fence and battery status, facilitating prompt detection and correction of any issues. Designed for versatility, the "Helos 4" is effective for containing animals like chickens, cows, and horses, while also deterring wildlife such as deer and stags.

The Gallagher MB300 and the VOSS.farming "Helos 4" electric fence energizers offer distinct features for agricultural fencing needs. The MB300 operates on 230V mains or a 12V battery, excels in ease of transport, and can electrify up to 25 km of fencing, with an added security feature for theft prevention.

The "Helos 4" provides more power flexibility (battery, mains, solar), covers up to 24 km, and includes energy-saving technology and detailed status indicators. The choice between them depends on the user's priorities: the MB300 for simplicity and portability, and the "Helos 4" for sustainability and advanced monitoring.

A slight disclaimer, we tried to be as comprehensive as possible, but some data might be incomplete. Do you have any questions or comments? Don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Ultimately, the choice between Gallagher, Hotline and Voss farming energisers depends on factors such as your budget, specific fencing needs and desired features. For help deciding which brand to go for please contact customer support.