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The new 9 V Energizers

The new 9 V Energizers

At Gallagher, they work non-stop to refine and extend their range of energizers. Therefore, they once again introduced a number of innovative products, with the aim to protect your animals and to keep out unwanted predators. A result of Gallagher’s market research, demonstrated that there is a high demand for the 9 volt energizers. So they introduce, the BA20, BA30, BA40 and BA80 in 2020. These energizers are the answer to market demand-top-quality 9 volt energizers in a lower price. This new series of 9 volt battery energizers will complete your Gallagher range of energizers.


The new 9 volt energizers have a powerful battery operated device. The energizers are also easy to use, it provides a simple switch for switching the energizers on or off. Also, the new 9 volt energizers are resistant to frequent transport that is part and parcel of using a portable energizer. The energizers are easy to operate with and simply to connect. It is suitable for fencing up to 10 km and works on 12 volt. The connectors are improved to obtain more grip. The energizer contains a built-in lightning conductor for protection. The BA40 and the BA80 version has an extra setting where full and reduced pulse alternate, helps with prolonging the life of the battery.


Special Features

• Supplied with fencing connection set  
• Improved connectors for more grip
• With a lightning conductor
• Easy to operate
• Works on 12 volt
• Fencing up to 10 km


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