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How to keep foxes away FOR GOOD.

How to keep foxes away FOR GOOD.

When it comes to Foxes well they are omnivores they will hunt until their stomachs full greedy right? Hunting time is normally between dawn and dusk so keep these times in mind. Although the foxes will hunt when they want and where they want, this we have no control over.. we can only prevent them from entering our gardens. Foxes have a very good hearing believe me they can hear you coming, They use a puncing technique that allows them to attack and kill the prey quickly.

Nowadays there are more Foxes in England compared to the 1990’s. The total number of foxes in Britain cities has increased almost five times, from 33,000 to 150,000. Foxes are protected by the government under a series of wildlife protection laws against poisoning, stabbing, drowning, etc. Carrying out such acts can lead to six months imprisonment or a £5,000 fine per animal. Therefore using fox deterrents or fencing are the best solutions to keep foxes away. 

Are you encountering a fox issue?

There are many reasons why a fox might find your garden or meadow attractive.

I personally had 4 chickens, Henny Penny Lenny and Little Jenny until one morning, they were gone.. taken by the fox, so I speak from experience! I had it all apart from one thing, electric fencing. The chickens were fenced off, put inside every night but yes during the day they walked freely, so the smells of the chickens were all over the lawn.. Mr Fox found them and they really do take everything. I was gutted and the only answer to this is ELECTRIC FENZING and believe it or not it is actually 50% cheaper than traditional fencing. One shock from the electric fence by the fox and it will NOT return for another shock who would?                                                          

  Chicken netting

Another point to be aware of foxes are also fond of digging in soil as earthworms grubs and green’s are part of a foxes diet.

So back to why an electric fence is the answer to your problem, many people seem to go for a traditional fence made from mesh or wood and they assume that it will be sufficient but unfortunately not. I hate to break it to you but foxes are cunning little devils and if they are hungry they will do everything and anything to get to your animals. Believing that they wont climb a fence or two or dig through your soil you are wrong I’m afraid, they really will. So yep an Electric Fence is the answer and solution to these problems. You are creating a psychological barrier between your animals and the fox and also yourselves because although numbers are low and it is rare foxes can and have attacked humans, they can bite when they feel threatened.


Electric fencing can also stop other wild animals from entering your land. Wild animals can transmit diseases, which if you have a pet or pets this can kill your animals or injure them, by purchasing an electric fence again this will protect your animals and keep you safe.


Chicken netting

So if so far you have liked what you’ve read then the next step is how to help you ’Build a fence against foxes

This will give you all the information you need about electric fences and how to build one. Providing you with needed information, it will also help you to find the perfect electric fence for you. To view more of our products to stop foxes from entering your premises please visit here 

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