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Humanly keep pests away - Getting rid of rats in your garden

Humanly keep pests away - Getting rid of rats in your garden

Rats are usually unwelcome visitors in your garden. They are considered pests and can transmit serious diseases. Moreover, they are active during the night time so it will be harder to see them. However, you may spot them through the traces, such as spotting tunnels or teeth marks in your edibles. Rats are most of the time killed through inhumane ways, such as poison, snap traps, glue boards. In order for rats to survive the environment requires food, water and shelter. So to get rid of rats a humane way is to remove one of these aspects. If this will not solve your pests issue, Goodnature is also a great humane solution!


The Goodnature A24 rat trap is a humane manner to get rid of rats in your garden without poison. The traps are designed to protect species, flora & fauna. With the rat trap, other species are safe for sure. The A24 trap is also very handy as the traps reset themselves, after each activation. Through the automatic reset, you do not need to daily check and control the trap. A monthly check on the rat trap will be sufficient. Also, a well-placed rat trap can control pests or up to six months. Further, the traps are toxin-free as no animal should suffer inhumanely. The tailored chocolate formula is safe around wildlife. When the rat touches the trigger when trying to eat the chocolate lure, a bolt then dispatches to the rodent, retracts and reset. The dispatched pest will then be scavenged by predators, such as raptors, badgers, foxes or cats.



Goodnature offers the following products to efficiently control rodents:

A24 Automatic Rat- And Micetrap With Trap Counter

A24 Rat Trap + Digital strike counter

The digital strike counter counts the amount of dispatched pests. During your monthly check on the rat trap, you may check on how many pests the rat trap has dispatched.



25x Rodent Detector Kit - Accessory

Rodent detectors

The rodent detectors identify where you should place your A24 rat trap. The rats nibble on the cards. This will determine where you should put the detectors.



A24 Tree Mount Kit for A24 Automatic Rat- And Micetrap

Tree mount + Rodent detector

The tree mount makes it easier to move the rat trap to different locations.




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