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How to improve electric fence earthing


The impact of the sun and its heat on electric fencing can be significant, especially during dry spells. The lack of moisture in the soil can cause the earthing of your fence to be less effective.
How to improve electric fence earthing

In addition, during these dry periods, there is often less grass in the pasture, which can lead to grazers looking for food in neighbouring areas.

Because of this it is important to ensure that your fence is working properly and providing the necessary protection for your livestock.


It is important to check and maintain your electric fence regularly. This can include checking the earthing system, ensuring that the wires are properly tensioned, and keeping the vegetation around the fence clear.


How can I improve the earthing of my electric fencing?
If your earthing doesn't work properly, there are several things you can do.


  1. Increasing the number of earth rods to your earthing system until your earthing does have the correct voltage. Do the check below to discover if you need more earth rods.
  2. Use Bentonite earthing mix in combination with your earth rods. Bentonite earthing mix produces better conductivity and consequently improves earthing. You can add the bentonite to the soil where your earth rods are positioned.


Check your earthing

Tjarko Dijkstra

Step 1
To test your earthing short out the live fence line to ground with a metal stake. Place an iron post to your fence at approximately 100m distance from your earthing. Make sure before you proceed you have less than 1000V on your fence. If this isn’t the case yet, place another post to your fence (near the other iron post). And check the voltage again. Please continue doing this until you have 1000V or less on your fence.

Step 2
Measure the voltage on the earthing with a digital volt meter or a fault finder by placing this on the earth stake. Discover our Gallagher and Pulsara testers here.

Do you measure less than 300 Volt?
The earthing on your energiser is fine. Take the iron posts of your fence. Make sure to do this while the energiser is turned of, or you will get a shock.

Do you measure more than 300 Volt?
Your fencing isn't working properly if you measure more than 300 Volt. Please install more earth rods and check the voltage again. Continue doing this until you have less than 300 Voltage on your earth stake.


Items needed for testing your earthing:


Gallagher Fence Volt Meter Gallagher Fault Finder Voltage and Current Meter Pulsara Fence Tester


Items needed for improving your earthing:


Bentonite Earthstakes Ground cable

Do the Gallagher Check
The earthing check is part of the Gallagher Check. The Gallagher Check helps you to extend your electric fence’s life - by regularly inspecting the fence, and doing a bit of maintenance when necessary. Watch the check below. 



Our whole range of earthing products can be found here. If you need any advice on how to improve your earthing system contact us at [email protected].

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