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How To Deter Foxes From Your Property

How To Deter Foxes From Your Property

Keeping foxes off your property is important in preventing damage. We are here to provide you with advice for both rural and urban locations to deter these pests.


Top Tips On How To Deter Foxes

  1. Build a barrier around your land.
  2. Do not feed them.
  3. Be sure to keep your rubbish contained and bin lids shut.
  4. Keep any outdoor space clean and tidy.
  5. Where possible, ensure outdoor shed have a concrete base.


How To Deter Foxes From Coming Into Your Garden

Foxes are cunning creatures with determined minds. If they want something, they set about getting it! Foxes can climb and they can dig so you must try and deter them away from your property completely. You can build a perimeter around your grounds using electric fencing as this will deter foxes from even trying to enter. There are a couple of key options to consider when building a barrier, but ensuring the fence is electrified is most important.

Here at Electric Fence Online, we have a whole host of products to deter foxes away, take a look.

Electric Fencing for Foxes - This type of barrier can be used to surround the perimeter of your house and garden, whatever the size. It will give a small, short shock to any fox that brushes against the insulating wire to warn it away but will not harm the fox in any way.

Electric Netting for Foxes - If you have animals on your property such as chickens or rabbits or small areas of your garden you want to keep safe then electric netting is your answer. This netting is near impassable for foxes so will keep your small animals and vegetation safe.

Because foxes are extremely smart animals, it is worth burying some netting below the ground to stop foxes from digging their way in.

Ultrasonic Deterrent - Alternatively, using ultrasonic sounds when foxes are near creates an unpleasant environment that steers them away before it becomes a problem. You can buy the FoxWatch Ultrasonic Fox Deterrent today from our online shop.


Foxlight - The Foxlight consists of LED lights and is the most economical way to protect your endangered animals from foxes, especially in areas where the human patrol is not possible. The Foxlight creates the illusion that people are patrolling the pasture. 


Consider the Environment

More and more we are seeing an increase in the number of foxes residing in urban areas, thus this is not only a problem in agricultural and rural environments but finding foxes in your back garden is becoming a real problem too.

Foxes are bold, they are not afraid to rummage through your rubbish or come up to you for food, so it’s all about putting boundaries in place.

So, how else can we deter foxes? No matter how innocent they may look, don’t feed them as this is how you will attract those unwanted visitors again and again. Feeding foxes can increase the rat population in the area too.

As we’ve mentioned, foxes can climb and they can dig, so make sure that any rubbish you store is safely put away in bin bags inside your bins with the lids firmly closed. Foxes have a hardy immune system which means their stomach copes well with rotting food so keep the bin lids closed!

Overgrown and untidy outdoor areas provide the perfect shelter for foxes, so keeping your property tidy provides even less reason for them to come into your garden or yard.

If you have sheds of any kind on your property, make sure the ground that these stand on are concreted if you can. Each year a vixen will give birth to approximately 4-5 cubs and digging a hole underneath a shed provides the perfect shelter.



Got an idea of how to deter foxes and know what you need? Shop the full range of fox deterrents at Electric Fence Online.

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