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Electric fence posts buyers guide

Electric fence posts buyers guide

Electric fence posts are crucial components in any electric fence system, laying the foundation for optimal safety. Selecting the appropriate electric fence post is essential to avoid potential issues. Here's a breakdown of various types and considerations to help you make the best choice for your situation.

Plastic Electric Fence Posts

Plastic electric fence posts have gradually replaced traditional materials due to their cost-effectiveness and advancements in manufacturing. Key factors to consider:

- Look for "glass fibre reinforced" posts for enhanced durability and resistance to mechanical stress.
- Opt for "UV-stabilised plastic" for prolonged lifespan and resilience against weathering.
- Equipped with built-in insulators, saving time and effort during installation.
- Available in various configurations to accommodate different conducting materials.

Wooden Electric Fence Posts

Although older, wooden electric fence posts remain popular, especially for permanent installations. Considerations include:
- Quality timber, preferably oak, for durability and resistance to rot and insects.
- Special electric fence insulators prevent conductivity, ensuring safety even in damp conditions.
- Typically embedded in the ground, requiring careful planning and additional costs compared to plastic posts.
- Various heights available to suit different animal sizes, ensuring adequate visibility and safety.

Fibreglass Electric Fence Posts

Fibreglass posts offer lightweight yet sturdy alternatives, ideal for mobile electric fence systems. Points to note:
- Low weight and volume coupled with stability make them suitable for various applications.
- Ensure warranty coverage, especially regarding UV resistance for prolonged outdoor use.
- Accessories like additional insulators may be needed for specific configurations.
- Heights ranging from 110 cm to 160 cm cater to different animal sizes and visibility requirements.

Steel Electric Fence Posts

Traditional and durable, steel electric fence posts are commonly used in cattle farming. Consider the following:
- Affordable yet robust, providing long-lasting performance.
- Designed for specific applications in cattle farming, featuring single insulator heads for conducting materials.
- Typically no additional strain relief required due to their sturdy construction.
- Baseline height around 105 cm, primarily used for smaller animals like sheep, pigs, and horses.


Choosing the right electric fence post depends on various factors such as durability, break resistance, cost, and application diversity. Each type offers unique advantages suited to different needs, ensuring a safe and effective electric fence system.

Fence Type Durability Conductivity Maintenance Visibility Price Range
Plastic Electric Fence High Average Low High Low-priced
Wooden Electric Fence Average High High Average Low to High
Fibreglass Electric Fence High High Low Average Low-priced
Steel Electric Fence High High Low Low
Low to Average

Choose wisely to ensure the safety and effectiveness of your electric fence system. Need assistance? Our 

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