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Which post suits your horse fence ?

Which post suits your horse fence ?

Light and Easy to move

Here at Electric Fence Online, we have portable posts in various types and sizes for different situations and animals. We have plastic posts, fibreglass posts and metal posts. All of which are lightweight and super easy to move. Specific posts for example horses have been specifically designed for portable horse fencing making your life a lot easier.

Fence post for horses












Which posts are suitable for horses?

It is important that your horse is happy in and outside of the field. We have 5 great post options for all horse lovers. See below the following.

Horse post 

Unique and durable which is super ideal for semi-permanent horse fencing. Simple and easy to handle thanks to the convenient stirrup foot design. This unique twist n lock system guarantees a simple and secure attachment.


Plastic Post

An extremely practical and simple grazing post. Unique top insulator which is resistant to damage. Fits multiple wires with wire clips or threaded insulators.


Gallagher Insulated Line post 

Gallagher Insulated Line Post Electric Fence Post (1.50m), unique and sustainable design and extremely suitable for permanent fences. Completely self-insulating and very easy and quick to set up. The conductor can be attached at various points, by using a wire clip insulator or Tape clip insulator. The unique and sustainable advantages of this pile are achieved through the glass fibre core combined with the UV-protected polyethene coating. The product guarantee of the insulated line post is 10 years, while it has a lifespan of at least 25 years!


Eco Post

Recycled material, up to 70% more cost-effective than traditional electric fencing. This material with the cross-shaped section guarantees the strength of the post.

Fibreglass post

Suitable for semi-permanent fences. Super flexible and easy to install for both permanent and semi-permanent fencing for horses. Ideal with a combination of polywire or 1,6mm High Tensile wire. By using clips you can easily attach several additional wires, therefore being able to decide the optimal height for your horse.


Using Electric Fencing for Horses

We want our equine friends to see the electric fence lines, don’t we? Therefore we have to do our best to make the lines as visible as possible, to prevent unwanted accidents. We suggest using white tape instead of coloured as horses find it hard to really distinguish between for example red and green, meaning with white this is a lot more visible for them.


Tops tips to consider when choosing the right post for your horse

Important things to consider when choosing the right posts for your fencing set up:
• The height of your horse or pony
• Whether you are wanting temporary or permanent fencing
• Horsepost for mobile
• Line-post for semi-permanent
• Insultimber or eco post for permanent
• Vegetation