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Cat-watch FAQ’s

Cat-watch FAQ’s

Cat-Watch, the UK's leading cat deterrent, has successfully completed a two-year scientific trial conducted by the RSPB to determine its deterrent effect on cats in residential gardens. The results are published in the ‘Applied Animal Behaviour Science Journal’ after peer review.


The research concluded that Cat-Watch reduces cat intrusions into gardens. The longer the unit is in place, the more effective it is. you are faced with a choice. Some units are cheaper, but may be less durable, less effective and cover a smaller area. Cat-Watch, on the other hand, is built to last, is a more cost-effective deterrent, proven to work AND recommended by the RSPB. It also comes with a 2-year guarantee and has been on the market since 1993.


Which one would you choose? 
Cat-Watch has been bought by thousands of people throughout the world and yet fewer than 1% of all people who buy Cat-Watch return it for refund or exchange. The fact is, Cat-Watch comes with a 2 year product warranty so you can buy with complete confidence.


Progressively reduces cat intrusions within your garden
Many people find cat-fouling a nuisance. This device is proven to reduce the presence of cats in gardens and the deterrent effect increases over time. Put simply, Cat-Watch actually trains cats to stay away from your garden. CATWatch does this by emitting a unique ultrasonic alarm, triggered by the cat's movement and body heat as soon as it enters the protected area.


Inaudible to humans
The series of CATWatch alarm frequencies are set above the human hearing range so you can enjoy your garden in complete peace and tranquillity.


Protects up to twice the area of other cat deterrents
One Cat-Watch unit will protect an area of up to 1,350 sq. ft. - up to twice the area of other makes. Furthermore, many other deterrents simply emit a random or permanent ultrasound signal regardless of whether a cat is present or not. That's why many people who have tried other cat deterrents eventually choose Cat-Watch.


Works in all weather conditions
Cat-Watch is designed to run trouble free all year round and in all weather conditions from -30 C to + 60 C. The low voltage computer controlled micro circuitry is completely sealed inside the unit, so that in the unlikely event of water entering inside, it will still continue to function and be absolutely safe to touch.


Set your garden free of chemicals and barriers
No one really wants to cover their borders or garden ponds with unsightly netting to protect them from someone else's cat! And probably every gardener has tried the pricey alternative chemical products. Apart from being messy, they need constant re-application and their success rate at keeping cats at bay is inconsistent at best.


Easy to use
Cat-Watch can be moved and positioned at ground level in seconds or secured at the base of walls, fences and trees. Simply clip in a battery or use the optional mains adaptor kit, then switch on and relax.


Sold worldwide since 1993
Cat-Watch sells all over the world, because it works and keeps on working totally unobtrusively, making it far more cost effective and unbeatable value for money in the long run.


How long does CATWatch take to work? 
Just like humans, cats have various behavioural traits. Some, upon encountering CATWatch will flee immediately. Other cats, of a more territorially dominant disposition, may actually settle down in front of Cat-Watch in an attempt to make move! However, ultimately the cats accept it is a battle they cannot win and move on to another area. Therefore please be patient if Cat-Watch doesn't always appear to work right away. The scientific trials prove that Cat-Watch works. Our experience suggests, however, that it may take longer to do so in some cases.


Cat owners - protect your cats' life
Cats Protection recommend Cat-Watch to their members as a safe and effective way of preventing cats straying out onto the road, or controlling their movement within the garden so the cat will avoid certain areas.


Power check facility
When you switch Cat-Watch on, it automatically checks the power source (battery or mains adaptor) and when it is working properly you will hear a series of clear bleep.


High tech self-diagnosing electronics
Cat-Watch incorporates a self-testing microchip electronic diagnostic system which continuously checks the unit for correct operation. In the unlikely event of a problem developing, the red light behind the lens and/or the electronic click heard as the unit activates will stop working. As we cannot hear the alarm this ensures that you can easily check that is Cat-Watch working correctly.


For maximum power and economy use mains adaptor kit
The mains adaptor is recommended if a lot of people or creatures pass by the unit because this may shorten battery life. (Average battery life - 3 months). 
Other advantages are: -
i. Maintains operation at peak efficiency as opposed to the declining power of batteries. 
ii. The alarm is increased by 35% 
iii. Long term economy - costs just a few pence per month to run. 
iv. Completely safe - only the thin 30ft 12-volt bell wire runs outdoors to the unit. 


Only the finest quality components are used to produce CATWatch.
After many years research and development we established in particular, that maximum performance could only be achieved by using the highest specification equipment in four critical areas - namely the power source, LED detector, micro chips and speaker. It is this attention to detail that has made not only the original, but still the best electronic cat deterrent available in Britain today. Compare CatWatch ultrasonic cat deterrents in our CatWatch buyer's Guide