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Dogs Deterrents

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CatWatch Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent CatWatch Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent
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CatWatch Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent

CatWatch is the only ultrasonic cat deterrent to having been fully tested approved by the RSPB. Detects the presence cats up to 40ft away.

- PIR sensor detects movement and heat
- Signal only active when a cat is present
- All-weather strong casing

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What are Electric Dog Deterrents?

Dog Deterrents, available at, are innovative devices designed to keep unwanted dogs out of your garden or property. These deterrents utilize ultrasonic technology to emit high-frequency sound waves that are uncomfortable for dogs, effectively deterring them from entering the protected area. This humane and environmentally-friendly solution offers a safe and non-invasive way to address dog-related issues in your outdoor space.

The Advantages of Electric Dog Deterrents

Dog Deterrents offer a range of benefits for homeowners and garden enthusiasts. Firstly, they provide an ethical approach to dog deterrence, ensuring that no harm comes to the animals while protecting your space. These deterrents are also highly versatile, suitable for various outdoor areas such as gardens, lawns, flower beds, and even trash bins. By preventing dogs from entering, they help maintain the cleanliness and integrity of your outdoor environment. Additionally, dogWatch Ultrasonic dog Deterrents contribute to reducing the presence of dog droppings, which can be a common issue in outdoor spaces.

How Does an Electric Dog Deterrent Work?

Dog Deterrents operate based on the principle of ultrasonic sound waves. These devices are equipped with motion sensors that detect the presence of dogs within their range. Once a dog is detected, the deterrent emits a high-frequency sound that is uncomfortable for felines but is inaudible to humans. This sound acts as a deterrent, encouraging the dog to leave the area and discouraging future visits. Over time, dogs learn to associate the discomfort with the protected area, leading to a conditioned response that prevents them from returning.

How Do You Install and Use an Electric Dog Deterrent?

Dog Deterrents is a straightforward process. Begin by selecting an optimal lodging for the device, ensuring it covers the area you want to protect. The deterrent should be positioned at a height of about 2-3 feet above the ground and angled slightly downward. This angle ensures that the ultrasonic waves effectively cover the target area while avoiding obstacles. Once the device is positioned, insert fresh batteries or connect it to a power source, if applicable. Activate the deterrent and adjust its settings according to your preferences. Regularly check the device to ensure it's functioning correctly, and replace batteries as needed..


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