Bird scarers deterrents

If you need a solution to prevent birds from eating your planted crops, a bird scarer will be the perfect solution.
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£ 700.00
Silent Bird Scarer MP2B 12/240V

The MP2B ‘silent’ bird scarer is a dual deterrent device, with a high frequency noise generator to cause auditory discomfort and a strobe lamp to add a visual deterrent.


Silent Bird Scarer

The MP1B is a single speaker high ‘silent’ high frequency bird scarer and deterrent for simple installations where there is a clear line of sight of the birds.

£146.50 £159.85

Audible Bird Scarer P1000 12V

Audible Bird Scarers are evolving and the new Predator range is the latest in a long line of highly successful bird scarer that builds on years of experience in bird control.This Predator 1000 audible bird scarer is suitable for deterring birds over a 10


Audible Bird Scarer P2000 12V

This Predator 2000 audible bird scarer is suitable for deterring birds over a 20 acre* area using digitally recorded sounds of real bird calls. Natural distress, alarm and predator calls are used and each model has up to 10 pre-sets to allow selection of


Bird scarers deterrents

Bird scarers are a must if you want to protect your crops including fruit and field vegetables from damages that wild birds can cause.

Besides the bird scarers there are another few steps that farmers can take to prevent damages:

  • Plant crops next to roads or other locations that will disturb the birds.
  • Locate bird scarers as far away as possible from buildings where people live or where it is quiet. If it is easy to resort the use of auditory scarers their impact will be reduced.
  • Grow small-scale crops under netting.

However, the bird scarers deterrents is an effective solution if the aspects above can or does not apply for you.


For further information about the bird scarer visit our FAQ !

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