Accessories for gates

Accessories for gates
Electric fence gates and accessories for gate systems.
Poultry Pen Gateway (green)

Poultry Pen Gateway.

£23.35 £24.12

5m Spring Gate Set

The anchors are screwed to wooden posts that can be up to 5-metres apart. Includes gate handle, spring and two gate anchors.

£14.50 £15.30

6m Electro-Tape Gate Set

Electro-Tape Gate & Fixings (6m)

£16.75 £17.94

6m Bungee Rope Gate Set

Complete bungee rope gate set for 3 to 6m openings, including gate handle with electro-rope and two gate anchors.

£23.86 £25.14

P17 Plastic Gate Handle (single)

Plastic Gate Handle

£3.26 £3.26

Plastic Gate Handle (box of 25)

Plastic, spring tensioned handle for easy access to gateways.

£69.95 £72.90

P17T Electro-Tape Plastic Gate Handle

Electro-Tape Gate Handle

£5.80 £6.06


£3.40 £3.60

Hot Gate for Poultry Netting

The Hot Gate is a stand alone gate system that can be incorporated into your existing poultry net, giving you easy and safe access into your pen, without having to switch off the power.

£46.00 £49.20

Gate Handle Anchor for Tape

Tape gate handle anchors should be screwed into a wooden post and connected to the electric fence line and, when the gate is opened, the anchor keeps the fence line tight.

£5.95 £6.42

External Lead-Out Cable Protector, cut length to suit - price per metre

A tough rubber cable protector to protect your lead out cable when crossing a hard standing, paths and driveways etc. Also useful for quick gateway installations, where digging between gate posts is impractical or the requirement is temporary.