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4kW Waterproof Time Switch Infresco Soft Start

Waterproof Time Switch - Infresco Soft Start (4 & 6kW)


Home Security Electric Fence Kit

Our new home security electric fencing kit includes everything you need to protect up to 50m of wall/fencing. For longer fences, you can easily extend the kit, up to a massive 2km!

£342.11 £389.95

50M Otter & Mink Fence

This 50m Otter and Mink Permanent Electric Fence package has been designed to includes everything necessary to setup a DIY 4 x 50m line stretch of electric fence with 5 corners/anchor points.


3KW Waterproof Large Area Infrared Heater - Black

3kW Waterproof Large Area Infrared Heater

£220.00 £250.00

Sealed Energiser Battery (12V 75Ah)

This 12V 75Ah deep-cycle energiser battery is an ideal choice for electric fences as it will provide power for a reasonable length of time between charges, without being so heavy that it is difficult to move.

£107.29 £141.55

Infrared Gazebo Heater with LED Downlight 3kW

This 3kW (switch-able to 1.5kW) Gazebo and Outbuilding heater is the very popular, high quality, British made "little brother" of our 6kW/3kW infrared heater. for your Gazebo and other garden buildings such as hot tub shelters, pavilions and cabins that w

£435.00 £500.00

3.0kW Equestrian Single Stall 'Starter' IP55 Heating Kit (Softglow)

3.0kW Equestrian Single Stall 'Starter' IP55 Heating Kit (Softglow)


Infrared Gazebo Heater - Three Sided 3kW

There are many "cheap and cheerful" copies of this British Made 3kW - 1.5kW (output changes at the flick of a switch) heater on the market, but we have found no good reason not to stay with this high quality, popular and reliable British version.

£295.00 £375.00

Metal "3 in 1" InfraRed Heater - Waterproof with Remote

Our Remote Controlled, All Metal Construction, IP65 (Water Proof) Infra-Red heater is one of the most versatile infrared heaters available.

£159.00 £169.99

3kW Variable Heater Switch / Dimmer with Surge Protection

This is a 3kW, British made infra-red dimmer switch for turning on/off and adjusting the heat output of your infra-red heaters.

£105.00 £119.99

2kW S-Glow IP55 Infrared Heater - White

2kW S-Glow IP55 Infrared Heater - White. Heat span of up to 14 square metres, IP55 rated waterproof casing for full outdoor use, 2kW quartz series lamp.

£135.95 £141.46

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