Birth Alarm

Birth Alarm
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£ 850.00
Birth Alarm LITE, with anti-roll girth (halter fitted, mobile)

Birth Alarm Lite is a trimmed down version of the 'Premium' model which can be halter mounted, yet is a little more cost-effective.


Birth Alarm Transmitter 433MHz

A spare, or extra transmitter for the Birth Alarm. To use, simply attach to the top part of the anti-roll girth.

£485.00 £509.00

Birth Alarm Anti-roll Girth Bottom Part 0.55m

The bottom part of the Birth Alarm anti-roll girth is available in a number of different sizes. Choose the correct size for your horse or pony, so that the girth is secure yet comfortable.


Birth Alarm Receiver 433MHz Black

Birth Alarm Accessory - Extra Receiver.

£584.00 £615.00

Birth Alarm Transmitter 40MHz

A spare, or extra transmitter for the Birth Alarm.


Birth Alarm Premium (halter fitted, mobile SMS) with anti-roll girth

The new 'Premium' Birth Alarm allows you to fit the transmitter to a halter, as some horses do not like the feel of the anti-roll girth. The 'Premium' Birth Alarm also has a sleep mode that takes into account the fact that some mares prefer to sleep lying

£850.00 £895.00

Birth Alarm Mobile Phone Transmitter & Battery

This Birth Alarm set consists of the GSM Transmitter with battery and assumes that you either already have the complete Anti-roll Girth and need spare items, or wish to create your own complete Birth Alarm Set. Please note that there is no GSM mobile or S

£481.00 £491.84

Complete 'Birth Alarm' Foaling Alarm System (Radio Version)

The Birth Alarm is a patented foaling alarm system that has been on the market since 1990. Since its introduction more than 80,000 foals have successfully been born using this system. Birth Alarm is now used worldwide and is a market leader in its area wi

£755.00 £795.00

Birth Alarm Anti-roll Girth 1.25m

A complete Birth Alarm Anti-roll Girth supplied as standard with a 1.25m girth.

£80.55 £83.72