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Elephant M40 VS Voss Delta 5

Elephant M40 VS Voss Delta 5

In electric fencing, the Elephant M40 energiser and the Voss Delta 5 energiser are two prominent options known for their reliability and performance. These energisers play a crucial role in providing power and security to electric fencing systems, making them essential tools for farmers and landowners. Let's delve into the features and capabilities of these two energisers to understand how they contribute to effective and efficient electric fencing solutions.This is a comparison between the Elephant M40 energiser and the Voss Delta 5 energiser:

Energiser power output

The Elephant M40 energiser delivers a maximum output of 0.4 joules, providing sufficient power for small to medium-sized electric fencing systems. The Voss Delta 5 energiser offers a higher power output of 0.5 joules, making it suitable for medium-sized electric fencing applications. With its 0.4 joule output, the Elephant M40 energiser can effectively cover up to 4 kilometres of fencing, providing reliable containment for livestock and property. The Voss Delta 5 energiser, with its higher power output of 0.5 joules, is capable of covering larger areas of up to 5 kilometres of fencing, offering expanded coverage for medium-sized properties.

Energiser features

The Elephant M40 energiser features advanced pulse technology for efficient and consistent power distribution along the fence line. It also includes built-in lightning protection for added durability and reliability. The Voss Delta 5 energiser incorporates innovative technology such as adaptive control, which adjusts the pulse rate based on fence conditions, ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency. It also includes integrated diagnostics for easy troubleshooting and maintenance. The Elephant M40 energiser is constructed with high-quality materials and robust design, providing durability and long-lasting performance even in harsh UK environmental conditions. Similarly, the Voss Delta 5 energiser is built with durable components and weather-resistant housing, ensuring reliable operation and longevity in outdoor settings.

The Elephant M40 energiser offers excellent value for its features and performance, providing cost-effective electric fencing solutions for small to medium-sized properties. While the Voss Delta 5 energiser may be priced slightly higher due to its advanced technology and higher power output, it offers high performance and efficiency for medium-sized fencing applications.

Overall, both energisers are reliable and efficient options for farmers with similar specifications. The Elephant M40 energiser may offer a simpler user interface and installation process compared to the Voss Delta 5, making it more accessible for beginners or users who prefer a straightforward setup. With the choice between them depending on specific needs such as coverage area, power output, and budget considerations.