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Why use a Gallagher Energiser? - Interview with Carriene Hulst

Why use a Gallagher Energiser? - Interview with Carriene Hulst

At Electric Fence Online, we have a strong admiration for Gallagher. In this blog post, we want to familiarize you with their exceptional energisers.

Originating from New Zealand, Gallagher has made its mark as one of the most effective energisers for fencing. A testament to this is a quote from a satisfied Gallagher customer who stated, "Our Gallagher fencer was bought in 1975 it was mended once and still kicks like a mule!" Our range of Gallagher energisers includes four diverse options to choose from.



Mains Fence Energisers

The Gallagher mains energisers are renowned for their unparalleled power, sturdiness, and dependability. Upon online registration, they come with a comprehensive 7-year warranty. Our selection of Gallagher mains energisers offers a variety of options and features, enabling you to choose the one that best suits your needs. With the ability to reach distances of up to 145 kilometers or 90 miles, these energisers are truly remarkable.



Mains energiser

Battery Fence Energisers

The battery fence energiser is a highly convenient and reliable device that is easy to transport and compact in design. The battery-powered energiser is a fantastic choice if you lack access to a mains power source or if you want to relocate the energiser. This energiser is a super device that is both easy to use and trustworthy.



Battery energiser

Solar Fence Energisers

Gallagher's Solar Energiser harnesses the power of daylight to charge its battery. This eco-friendly option works effortlessly for you and continues to charge even on cloudy days. If you lack access to a mains power outlet and do not want the hassle with charging your batteries, then Gallagher's Solar Electric Fence Energisers are the perfect solution for you.



Solar energiser

Multipower Fence Energisers

The exceptional MBS series from Gallagher is versatile, as it can operate on mains power or a 12V battery with optional solar support. This system ensures that there is always power available for your fence. With the ability to switch between power sources seamlessly under various conditions, and a fencing reach of 80 kilometres or 50 miles, the MultiPower Fence Energiser is your ideal solution.


Multipower energiser


Interview with Carriene Hulst

We recently had the privilege of speaking with Carriene Hulst, a 30-year-old enthusiastic horse rider and Account Specialist in the Netherlands. Carriene is an avid cyclist, who enjoys walks in the woods, and binge-watching her favourite series.

For the past six years, Carriene has been the proud owner of a beautiful Iceland Horse, which she can stable at her home, providing the ideal situation for her and her horse. She highly values the quality of the products she uses and, after her experience with inferior products that broke easily and cost her more time than they were worth, Carriene firmly believes that Gallagher products are the number one choice. This is why she chose to purchase the Gallagher M350 Energiser.
Carriene also places great importance on the appearance of the product, as it is on display next to her property. She finds the M350 to be neat, appealing, and versatile enough to blend in with almost any surroundings. Despite the slight additional cost, she feels the quality of the product and the peace of mind it provides make it well worth it.


Solar energiser



Carriene also decided to purchase the Gallagher ring insulators, this is what she had to say about them: ‘So handy and so easy to use’.

Check out this video from Carriene, which demonstrates how simple it is to install a Gallagher energiser.