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The new Gallagher solar electric fence energisers 2024

The new Gallagher solar electric fence energisers 2024

The new Gallagher solar devices S20Li and S30Li

Introducing the cutting-edge Gallagher solar devices, the S20Li and S30Li – a dynamic duo that's revolutionising the game in electric fence energisers.

Gallagher stands out as the pioneer and innovative market leader in solar electric fencing. What sets Gallagher apart is its commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining industry standards. The Lithium Range, exemplified by the game-changing S20Li and S30Li, represents their dedication to innovation.


The compact, lightweight design, coupled with exceptional reliability and solar performance, showcases Gallagher's forward-thinking approach. The intelligent adaptive battery management system, ensuring uninterrupted power even in low sunlight conditions, is a testament to their commitment to practical and cutting-edge solutions. Gallagher not only anticipates but exceeds the evolving needs of farmers. In the unpredictable British weather, Gallagher's robust construction ensures unwavering reliability year-round. It's not just about electric fencing; it's about empowering users with a future-proof, technologically advanced solution that leads the way in the solar electric fencing arena.

What makes Gallaghers new solar electric fence energisers unique

A world where the hassle of lugging around clunky, heavy electric fence setups with additional batteries is a thing of the past. Enter the Lithium Range, boasting a sleek, compact design that's not only lightweight but also a breeze to move around. No more conventional battery-powered energisers which need battery replacements or extended charging time; the Lithium Range is here to redefine convenience in the world of farming.

But it's not just about looks – these lithium powerhouses are exceptional in every aspect. From reliability to performance and longevity, they stand tall. By tapping into the power of solar energy, the S20Li and S30Li ensure your livestock stay right where they belong – safe and secure. What's the added perk? Both models share a plethora of features, yet the S30Li takes the spotlight with its ability to fence off larger areas, giving you unmatched flexibility.

Now, let's talk intelligence. The Lithium Range boasts an adaptive battery management system that's on the job 24/7. Constantly monitoring stored solar energy, it adapts the output energy and pulse frequency to the battery voltage, ensuring your fence stays powered during those gloomy, low-sunlight days. In fact, these powerhouses can keep your fence operational for up to three weeks without direct sunlight – talk about reliability!

With three times faster charging and a lifespan that's three times longer than traditional lead-acid models, the S20Li and S30Li guarantee optimal performance over the long haul. Come rain or shine, their robust construction laughs in the face of British weather, ensuring they stand strong and reliable all year round.

Don't be left in the dark – discover the future of electric fence energisers with the groundbreaking S20Li and S30Li. Your livestock's safety has never been easier. Discover the new S20Li and S30Li.

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