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Check your electric fence battery charger this winter

Check your electric fence battery charger this winter

It is already starting to get colder and colder…So it is the most suitable time to give your electric fences a thorough check! During this time of the year it is highly off importance that your fence is in good conditions. Since batteries discharge quicker during cold weather it will be common that your electric fence will lose voltage and that they will not last as long as you expect it to be.  Thus, it will be easier for animals to break out if your fences are in bad condition during this time of the year. If you are interested on how to keep your fence’s winter proof, our experts can inform you about the needed information!



Do the winter-check for your fencing by following the 4 steps:

  1. Trees and vegetation: take a walk around your fence, make sure there are no large branches or piles of leaves up against the fence.
  2. Time for permanent repairs: any quick fixes that are made during the summer are best solved permanently before the winter starts.
  3. Organise all your fencing materials: make sure you are always having spare equipment in case of repairs.
  4. Use switches: switches provide a solution in areas with a lot of snow; after heavy snowfall, the lower wire can be switched off while the rest of the fence works normally.


However, if you do not need an electric fence during the winter period because your animals are all indoor, make sure that the chemical process in the battery of your energizer is not running. Not sure how to stop the chemical process? Below we provide you with instructions and inform you how to keep your energizer in good conditions!


Instructions to keep your energizer in good condition:

9v battery 12 Volt Battery
When storing the 9 V battery, close the air holes at the top. When you are planning to use the energizer again, remove the sticker. Afterward, the battery will supply power.
Gallagher Fox Fence

9 Volt Battery
Even when you will not use the energizer a 12 V battery will discharge during the winter. This does cause damages to your device. Our experts recommend you to connect a battery charger during the winter in order to keep your energizer in good condition.

The CTEK 12 V is a suitable substitute.

Gallagher Fox Fence

Solar energizers needs sunlight in order to work. Thus, keep your solar in a room with many light, for example in front of a window.


It is also possible to disconnect your 6 V battery and connect a 6 V battery charger tot he solar energizer.


The CTEK 6 V is a suitable substitute.