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Gallagher i-Serie Full Control over your Pasture Fence

Gallagher i-Serie Full Control over your Pasture Fence

The i Series system – the fence that talks to you.

Working together the i Series system provides fence information at a glance and if it detects any faults, it leads you directly to them, saving you hours of searching.


We are extremely proud of our i Series, as they are not only amazingly powerful devices (up to 100 km!), but they are also smart! The i Series gives you ­maximum control and helps you save time. So how does that work? By adding various accessories, you have direct insight into the status of your fence, however far away in the field. If there is an issue, you receive a signal on the display or on your smartphone. It tells you exactly where to find it. Saving you the search and therefore time. Many people have already discovered the great performance of this device. Will you be the next enthusiast?


Checking 100 km of fencing....

... takes less time than reading this sentence!


Everyone wants to have power on their entire fence and the security that the animals stay safely behind it. So any owner will check the fencing regularly to see if there are any issues that could result in a lack of power.



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Longer fences

That is relatively simple for a small fence, but what about fencing of 10 km or more? At that point, a daily check of the fencing soon takes up too much time, and is ­likely to be skipped. The result is a risk of power loss on the ­fencing and an unsafe situation for the animals. So Gallagher developed a smart solution so that you always know whether there is enough power on every part of the fence, without this taking up any time.



Visible on external display

By installing fencing monitors, in combination with any i Series energizer, it becomes clear how much power there is in that particular place. That status is shown on the ­display of the i Series energizers. The more ­fencing ­monitors you install, the clearer the picture of your ­entire fencing.

You no longer need to go out to check your ­fencing. All you need to do is read the external display of the i Series ­energizers. Wherever you are!



Insight at all times

You can also see the status of your fencing on your ­smartphone. Thanks to the Gallagher smart app, you have real-time knowledge of the status of your fencing. If there is anything wrong, you receive an alert on your phone. You know which part of your fence has an issue and you can intervene quickly. Once on site, the remote control helps you to find the exact location of the problem.



All in all, complete control over your fencing and ­massive time savings!